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YEAR ONE Episode Page

Episode One:


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Episode Two:

The O Factor

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Captain Shepherd and his new crew make their way towards the Federation/Kzinti border.   The Kzinti have been flaunting their new ships lately, and Starfleet wants to know why.  So, they send in one of their new ships to let the Kzinti know that the Federation is still a power to be reckoned with in the Alpha Quadrant.

Meanwhile, the Tomar's Senior staff is getting to know one another and get comfortable with each other. As Captain Shepherd gets used to working with Marines, he also has to worry about the man (or woman) from Temporal Affairs that will be assigned to his ship soon enough.

And, to top it all off, his Chief Engineer, a Marine, is off on some Security Detail, and Executive Officer Leah Stratford has to pull double duty.

Also, Marcus and Sarah seem to be warming up to each other. Will Captain Shepherd finally find a place for romance in his life?

Shepherd has also received orders to put into Olympia Shipyards at the end of his patrol so that the Tomar can be fitted with a multiphasic Cloaking Device.  The Treaty of Algeron has been amended, what does this mean for the Federation and for the Alpha and Beta Quadrants?

And finally, what does the O mean?

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Intermission One

In the debris field of the Kzin Police Ship was found a survivor, a human survivor.  His name is Goerge, and he comes from a human colony on the far side of Kzin Space.  But he is human, from an unknown colony called Union.

Meanwhile, Captain Shepherd says goodbye to Commander Leah Stratford, as she takes a bereavement leave when her lover is close to death. Starfleet Command assigns a new officer to take Leah's place, Commander Malachai Emmett. Commander Emmett, along with Commander Xavier Thorton (SF Temporal Specialist), escort Lt. Colonel Thanos back to the Tomar.

After the arrival of these two new officers, Captain Shepherd and the crew of the Tomar learn that they are being transfered from the 15th Fleet to the 4th Fleet, aka Bravo Fleet. The Tomar and her crew make sail for the Avalon Fleet Yards, which is the new home of the Tomar, to turn over Lt. Col. Thanos for trial.

Meanwhile, the crew continues to get to know each other better.

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Episode Three:

Lost Past, Lost Future

When the USS Resolution was lost in 2275 the crew of the Resolution along with the other survivors lost the futures they had expected to live: the families, loved ones, colleagues and the rest of the Federation lost the people who worked those ships and the station. So many gone in one mysterious swoop left a hole in the history of the Federation that was impossible to close.

The USS Tomar deals in matters of time and now they would become the link that would rejoin the two lost points in time.

One ship from the lost past and one ship from the lost future. When the two ships meet emotions will surge and possibilities, good and bad, will tempt and challenge both crews.

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Episode Four:

A New Beginning (part 1)

After a harrowing return from the past, the Tomar is due some rest and relaxation, but, it's not in the cards. After getting the Tomar to her new home: Avalon Fleet Yards, the crew barely begin to relax when a stange ship docks, and even more stranger, George is back, and he's increased in power.

With the Tomar in for repairs, her crew is temporarily reassigned to the Kep Salu, an old Constitution-class starship, PRE-refit. It looks like it could come out of Captain Pike's days. Even the technology is old, even though it slowly being upgraded. But, some 24th century technology has been retrofitted onto and into the Kep Salu.

With the Kep Salu the only operational ship available, the Tomar crew goes aboard, and makes their way towards Union Space, to establish formal diplomatic ties between Union and the Federation.

What starts out though as a simple diplomatic mission quickly becomes something else.

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