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Episode Two: The O Factor

Episode Outline by: C.J. LeBlanc

Produced by: C.J. LeBlanc, Chris LeBlanc, Brian Minosh and Tricia Byrne

Tomar Cast Listing

Special Guest Appearances

Marcus Shepherd, Captain -
Commanding Officer
Fa'alamanu, King
of Samoa (Earth)
Leah Stratford, Commander -
Executive Officer
Brian Minosh, Admiral -
CnC 15th Fleet
Taktu Fa'alamanu, Commander -
Senior Intelligence Officer
Garvin Valos, Captain -
USS Venture Commanding Officer
Harry Stoner, M.D., Commander -
Chief Medical Officer
Sarah Stone, Lt. Commander -
UPFY Observation Officer
Thanos, Lt. Colonel -
Chief Engineer
Chayveen, Lt. Commander -
Security/Tactical Chief
Reily Flannigan, Major -
Marine Company Commanding Officer
Ty'Pel, Lt. Commander -
Chief Operations Officer
Midaklin, Lieutenant -
Chief Science Officer
Tyrus Cartright, Sergeant Major -
Marine Company Sergeant; Sniper

Episode Two Summary

Immediately upon arriving at Starbase 138, Marcus is engrossed in meetings with Admiral Brian Minosh and Captain Garvin Valos. While the Tomar's Captain is meeting his superiors, the Tomar gets some additions to the family: Taktu Fa'alamanu, the ship's new Senior Intelligence Officer, and also the son of the King of the Earth nation of Samoa. As a surprise, the Commander's father also arrives to send off his son in an appropriate manner that befits his station. Also arriving is Lt. Midaklin, the Tomar's Caitian Science Chief, and Lt. Commander Ty'Pel, the Chief of Operations.

Meanwhile, Leah officially reports for duty on board the Tomar, and gossips with Harry during the middle of Delta shift about what the nature of their first mission would be. This gossip session, which originally starts out as the two of them, grows quickly when Cmdr. Fa'alamanu arrives, and later Midaklin and Ty'Pel. As Harry put it, the crew was growing by leaps and bounds, and the small bridge gets crowded.

While the senior staff is meeting each other, Lt. Flannigan is getting his men whipped into shape with the help of Sgt. Maj. Cartright. Eventually though, Reily ends up on the bridge, and introduces himself to the other members of the senior staff.

Marcus was meeting with Admiral Minosh at this point, and was told about the wormhole/portal that was found that lead from Gorn Space to a point near Deep Space 9. The Venture under Captain Valos would be attempting to secure the wormhole, or destroy it if necessary, while the Tomar was ordered to patrol the Kzinti/Federation border and determine if the Kzin had heard about this worm hole yet, and if so, to make sure that they do not get close to it.

Eventually, the bridge meeting breaks up, but not before some friction has begun to develop between Taktu and Flannigan.

The Captain returned to the ship and his senior staff began to formally report in. Captain Shepherd called a senior officers meeting almost immediately, and included 1st Lt. Flannigan as well. One of the first things done is to promote Lt. to Major, and make him the formal CO of the Tomar's Marine Company. Also, the Captain tells the crew that Lt. Colonel Thanos won't be coming on as their Chief Engineer, instead getting reassigned to a Covert Ops mission.

Captain's Log

Captain's Log.

Another Point of View

Awards Received

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