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Episode One: Shakedown

Episode Outline by: C.J. LeBlanc

Produced by: C.J. LeBlanc, Chris LeBlanc, Brian Minosh and Tricia Byrne

Tomar Cast Listing

Special Guest Appearances

Marcus Shepherd, Captain -
Commanding Officer
Colleen McCarthy, Vice-Admiral -
Deputy Chief of Starfleet Logistics
Leah Stratford, Commander -
Executive Officer
Thelv, Commodore -
Asst. Commendant SF Academy College of Engineering
Harry Stoner, M.D., Commander -
Chief Medical Officer
Kira Edom, Captain -
USS Inveigle Commanding Officer
Thanos, Lt. Colonel -
Chief Engineer
T'vrel, Captain -
USS Cyrex Commanding Officer
Chayveen, Lt. Commander -
Security/Tactical Chief
Garven Valos, Captain -
USS Venture Commanding Officer
Ada Simone, Lt. Commander -
Chief Counselor
Sarah Stone, Lt. Commander -
Utopia Planitia Shipyard Shift Supervisor
Reily Flannigan, 1st. Lieutenant - Counter-Intelligence/Assassination Specialist; acting Marine Company Commander Lor'e Vardan, M.D., Ensign -
USS Venture Chief Medical Officer
Tyrus Cartright, Sergeant Major -
Marine Company Sergeant; Sniper

Episode One Summary

Marcus Shepherd is promoted to the rank of Captain, and given Command of the USS Tomar, an experimental Frigate based off of the Saber-class escort ship frame. The Tomar and her crew are assigned to the 15th Fleet. Her first mission is a shakedown cruise, to make sure that all of the bugs are out before she heads out.

Thrown into the mix are two officers coming from the USS Venture, Commander Leah Straford, the Tomar's new Executive Officer, and Lt. Colonel Thanos, a highly decorated Marine of Deltan decent, who suddenly finds himself removed from a tense situation on the Venture, and sent to command the Engineering Department on the Tomar, of which he knows very little about, besides weapon systems. Also of note is the fact that both Stratford and Thanos had been in the area of a coolant leak on the Venture, and that Stratford was suffering ill effects from it.

The Tomar and her crew head to Starbase 138 to rendezvous with the Venture, and more information comes their way. Lt. Col. Thanos had the unfortunate prior experienced of having Jem'hadar DNA introduced into his system, thus causing a change in his phsyiology to that of a hybrid.

Meanwhile, 1st Lt. Flannigan adjusts to his new life away from the 'Black Ops' to life onboard a starship, which includes interactions with various members of the crew. While Flannigan is adjusting to his new position, our captain is also adjusting to being responsible for his new crew and ship. A surprise communique from Earth means the departure of Ada Simone. Her father is close to death and she has been asked to return. Also, because the SFMC has seen fit to not assign a MCO, Marcus offers that job to 1st Lt. Flannigan, in addition to his other duties. Reily takes it, not expecting it to be permanent.

Harry is made the "unofficial" third officer, and is given command of the ship during the Delta Shift.

The shakedown cruises ends successfully with the arrival of the Tomar at Starbase 138.

Captain's Log

Captain's Log, The Tomar has just docked at Starbase 138, and we're about to become official members of the 15th Fleet. The Tomar has performed admirably so far, getting us from Mars to here. She feels very powerful, you can tell that she isn't any normal saber-class vessel. This is a warship, plain and simple. Starfleet must not think that the war is over with the Dominion, or, perhaps, we don't trust our new allies, the Rommies or the Cardies. I don't know. Admiral McCarthy mentioned something about the Gorn abd about the Kzinti, two races that haven't had much interaction with in awhile. I wonder what they'll think of my nice little ship with pulse phasers in their faces.

I'm a stellar cartographer, I wonder why I was placed in command of a frigate? I'm not sure, I'm sure I'll find out soon enough.

My Exexutive is a Betazoid, and while I have no aversions to members of that species, this ship seems to be overpopulated with them. My CMO seems very confident, a man I can trust. Sarah is another one I'm sure I can trust, intelligent, beautiful and here. Only time will tell.

What happens next is anyone's guess. End Log.

Another View Point

Awards Received


Episode Two: The O Factor