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Episode Four: A New Beginning (Part 1)

Episode Outline by: C.J. LeBlanc

Produced by: C.J. LeBlanc, Brian Minosh, Don Ratliff and Maele Tagaloalagi

This episode is dedicated to the memory of Maele Tagaloalagi, who died in service to his country after the destruction in New York City and in Washington, D.C. 1975-2001

This episode is also dedicated to the memory of all of those who gave their life in the NYC and DC attacks, and to all who have helped the recovery effort in any way.

Tomar Cast Listing

Special Guest Appearances

Marcus Shepherd, Commodore -
Commanding Officer
Mike Bremer, Fleet Admiral -
CnC 4th Fleet
Ml'Torca, Low Colonel -
Executive Officer
Malachi Emmett, Commander -
Executive Officer, USS Tomar (departing)
Taktu Fa'alamanu, Commander -
Senior Intelligence Officer
Xavier Thorton, Commander -
Senior Temporal Affairs Officer, USS Tomar (departing)
Harry Stoner, M.D., Commander -
Chief Medical Officer
Reily Flannigan, Major -
Marine Company Commanding Officer
Kirsten Doughty, Lt. Commander -
Chief Engineer (USS Tomar)
Lance Foster, Lt. Commander -
Chief Conn Officer
Saladin Bolivar, Brevet Major -
Chief of Security/Tactical
Josh Stalker, Lieutenant -
Assistant Chief Conn Officer
Ronarvartja Clotrevor, D'ja -
acting Chief Engineer (USS Kep Salu)

Episode Four Summary

Captain's Log

Captain's Log.

Another Point of View

Awards Received

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