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Nietzchean Physical Characteristics

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Subphylum: Vertebrata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Primates
Family Hominida
Genus: Homo
Species: sapiens
Subspecies: invictus


tyr02.jpg (40473 bytes) Physical Characteristics:

Nietzscheans are a direct relative of Homo sapien sapien, that has been modified at the genetic level using Eugenic techniques that were developed in the late 20th Century, and have since been improved upon.

Nietzcheans are immune to some poisons (aconite, ammonia, antipyrine, arsenic, atropine, camphor, hydrocyanic acidiodine, lead, picrotoxin, & strychnine) and diseases (diphtheria, hepatitis a, hepatitis b, influenza, lyme disease, measels, meningococcal disease, mumps, pertussis, pneumococcal disease, polio, rabies, rubella, tetanus & varicella). Nietzcheans are only immune to the Earth-based diseases and poisons that were developed and/or discovered PRIOR to their leaving Earth in 2010 (as listed above; you can also include other diseases and poisons from the time period, but Nietzchean medical personnel will have NO access to any diseases or poisons that were discovered after 2010, except for the limited information that has been shared with the Nietzchean Alliance by the Federation). Nietzcheans, even with their strong immunological systems, are still susceptible to modern poisons and diseases.

They are able to breathe chlorine gas for short periods of time, although long-term exposure (longer than 30 minutes) will cause permanent harm, just as if they were a "normal" human.

Nietzcheans are able to survive in harsher environments easier than a normal human can, and pride themselves on thriving where normal humans wouldn't dare to tread. It should be remembered though that Nietzcheans ARE NOT indestrucable, and most environments that are inhospitable to Homo sapien sapien are also inhospitable to Homo sapien invictus.

Due to the modifications of their genetic codes, Nietzcheans have developed spikes which grow on their forearms. These spikes are a natural outgrowth, and are fully developed by mid-puberty. The removal of one of these can cause a Nietzchean great physical pain. The spikes are made of a bone-like substance, and can be used as a natural weapon in personal combat.

Physical Characteristics

Homo sapiens invictus
Homo sapiens sapiens
Average Height (1) (2) 6 ft. 2 in. 5 ft. 9 in.
Average Weight (2) 178 Lbs. 165 Lbs.
Average Speed (3) 1.61 - 1.87 miles in 12 mins. 1.50 - 1.74 miles in 12 mins.
Average Maximum Press (4) 123 Lbs. 115 Lbs.


Physical Characteristics

Homo sapiens invictus
Homo sapiens sapiens
Average Height (1) (2) 5 ft. 8 in. 5 ft. 3 in.
Average Weight (2) 151 Lbs. 135 Lbs.
Average Speed (3) 1.45 - 1.76 miles in 12 mins. 1.35 - 1.64 miles in 12 mins.
Average Maximum Press (4) 123 Lbs. 115 Lbs.

Foot Notes:

1 - For both males and females, the Nietzcheans have increased their average height by 5 inches from the Earth norm, using their selective breeding programs and DNA-resequencing. This represents a 7.25% increase over the Earth norm.

2 - Source: Chicago Public Library - FAQ

3 - This is based on the average distance a person can run in 12 minutes, based on some one who is under the age of 29 years, and is rated at a Good Fitness rating. Source: Runner's World Training Diary, by the editor's of Runner's World Magazine, 1978, New York: Hungry Minds, Inc.

4 - This information is based on Maximum press information from the Advanced Dungeons & Dragon's 2nd. edition Player's Handbook, pages 18-20 (2nd printing, May 1996). According to this book, the maximum press is the heaviest weight a character can pick up and lift over his head. A character cannot walk more than a few steps this way. No human or humanoid creature without exceptional strength can lift more than twice his body weight over his head. In 1987, the world record for lifting a weight overhead in a single move was 465 pounds. A score of 9-12 would be the average range for an AD&D character. Using this as a basis, I averaged the Maximum press scores into one number (115 Lbs.), and used this as the basis of Earth humans, and increased this number by 7.25% to account for a Nietzchean's genetic modifications. This data DOES NOT take into account physiological differences between males and females. Once I can find another form of more reliable data, I will make any changes that need to be made.

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