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Nietzchean Names


A Nietzchean is born into a clan (family). Numerous clans sometimes form a Pride, or they join with already established Prides. Prides consist of various clans who are related genetically to each other.

It is the duty of the parents to name their child. Nietzcheans have long full names. Thier names include their Primary Name, their Clan Name, where they were born, and the world that their parents came from immediately before the child was born, and finily, the Pride Affiliation.  The following is an example of  a Nietzchean name:

     Example of a Full Nietzchean Names: (Primary Name, Clan Name, Place of Birth, Next closest World, Pride's name [if asked for])

Tyr Anasazi, out of Victoria, by Barbarossa of the Kodiak.


Primary names for Nietzcheans have evolved somewhat from their Earth origins. Some names however, have stayed pretty close to the original versions. Nietzcheans may also use normal, human names for their children if they so choose. In the end, it is the Pride that they belong to that is important when announcing themselves to another Nietzchean.

Following is a listing of Nietzchean Primary names, Clan names, and Pride Names. The same clan may be a part of two different Prides, even though a particular Nietzchean can only be of one Pride at a time.

     Examples of Nietzchean Primary Names:

Male Names: Female Names:
Arjun Rheged Elssbett
Cerebus Saladin Freya
Conrad Theo Katia
Cuchulain Tyr Kayla
Dimitri Riel (pronounced Ree-elle)
Drago Olga
Gaheris Olma
Guderian Yau


Gunga Din

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Al-Sharif Pride
Pride Atreus
Pride Banyamulenge
Drago-Karzov Pride (nickname: Dragans)
Pride Jaguar
Kodiak Pride
Mandel Pride
Orca Pride
Pride Sabra
Three Rivers Pride

     Pride Alliances/Enemies:

The various prides compete against each other for political, genetic, and social superiority. This means that not all Prides cooperate with each other. In the Nietzchean Military, some ships are commanded and crewed by only one Pride, or by Prides that are allied with each other.

Below is a listing of some alliances and rivals that are known to the Federation. This is by no means a complete list.

Alliances Rivalries
Jaguar & Sabra Kodiak vs. Drago-Karzov
Jaguar vs. Drago-Karzov
Sabra vs. Drago-Karzov
Orca vs. Kodiak


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