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An Introduction to the Nietzcheans

What are the Nietzcheans? Simply put, the Nietzcheans are a sub-species of human that have evolved from humans into a new branch, homo sapien invictus. They were created as a part of the TV show Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda. To see that TV show's online write-up of the Nietzchean species, follow this link: Nietzchean Overview.

The basic tenents of Nietzchean philosphy, as taken from the Andromeda website are:

The Human philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche believed that strife and conflict would inevitably reshape men into something better and stronger than what they once were. As a Human subspecies, Nietzscheans took his words to heart and used genetic engineering and nanotechnology to reshape themselves into the ultimate survivors.

Nietzscheans have built their culture on the twin pillars of social Darwinism and Dawkinite genetic competitiveness. Their single-minded devotion to self-improvement and the propagation of their own genes can strike other species (even their non-Nietzschean Human cousins) as selfish and arrogant, yet in practice the Nietzscheans' boundless energy and willpower have made them valued contributors to Commonwealth society.

Why Should they be allowed in a Star Trek simm?

You are probably asking yourself why should this species be allowed in a Star Trek simm when they already exist in another of Gene's shows. I hope that the following web pages will be able to answer that question, and show you that even though they do belong in another of Gene's shows, that with some modifications, that the Nietzcheans could be made into a playable species for Star Trek.

A Brief Introductory Argument

In the late 20th Century, the Eugenics Wars were happening on Earth. Beings were created using genetic science to change the genes of humans, and make them into super-humans. This is an established fact, as presented to fans of Star Trek in The Original Series episode Space Seed (ST:TOS 24; Original Air Date: 02/16/1967), and again in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (ST:TOS Movie 2; Original Release Date: 06/04/1982), and also referenced in the Deep Space 9 episode Doctor Bashir, I Presume? (ST:DS9 514; Origina Air Date: 02/24/1997).

Briefly, the Eugenics Wars were a terrible conflict on Earth during the 1990's, that was caused by a group of genetically engineered "supermen" who were the result of an ambitious, selective-breeding program. The "supermen" believed that their superior abilities gave them the right to rule over the rest of humanity. In 1992, one of these "supermen," Khan Noonien Singh, ruled 1/4th of the planet himself, and within the next year, 40 of his fellows seized power in 40 nations. Wars ensued, as the "supermen" fought among themselves and amongst the other nations.

In 1996, they were overthrown, and exiled from Earth in a pre-warp sleeper ship, the S.S. Botany Bay. Following these wars, Genetic engineering was outlawed by the Earth governments, including DNA resequencing, in fear that more of these "supermen" could be created.

These laws remained in effect even in the 24th Century, as seen in DS9, with Dr. Bashir's admitting that he was resequenced genetically in the episode Doctor Bashir, I Presume?.

The Nietzchean sub-species is just an extension of this. With the outlawing of DNA resequencing, and other genetic engineering, genetic scientists would be hard pressed to perform some experiments on Earth.  And so, that is where the Nietzcheans come in.

What is this for then, especially if they are so powerful?

Read the following pages, and seriously consider what you are reading. According to Star Trek lore, it is possible that it could've happened. Granted, the Nietzchean species as presented on Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda is overpowered for a Trek Universe, which is why I have made some modifications to them (watered them down somewhat), based on what I have read on the web site, and also from reading and listening to comments made by Keith Hamilton Cobb, who stars as Tyr Anasazi, the Andromeda Ascendant's resident Nietzchean, which I got from the Official Keith Hamilton Cobb Web site, along with other sources, including writers and producers, as gained from the Andromeda TV Fans website, and other websites. A full list of sources will be presented after the summary.

I have also toned them down so that they could fit into the Star Trek universe, since they were not created for Star Trek in the first place. I hope that you agree with this assessment, and will be willing to consider it as a species that could be possible in a Star Trek universe.

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