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The Psychology and Social
Characteristics of Nietzcheans

Social History of the Nietzcheans:

tyr03.jpg (30690 bytes)The Human philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche believed that strife and conflict would inevitably reshape men into something better and stronger than what they once were. As a Human subspecies, Nietzscheans took his words to heart and used genetic engineering and eugenic wars technology to reshape themselves into the ultimate survivors.

Nietzscheans have built their culture on the twin pillars of social Darwinism and Dawkinite genetic competitiveness. Their single-minded devotion to self-improvement and the propagation of their own genes can strike other species (even their non-Nietzschean Human cousins) as selfish and arrogant, yet in practice the Nietzscheans' boundless energy and willpower have made them valued contributors to the Federation Alliance.

"Remember that scientists, like political thinkers, can have their theories abused and misused by others. So just as Hegel, Marx, and Engels had their ideas perverted by Stalin and Mao, and Darwin and Nietzsche were misused by the Nazis, is it inconceivable that a race of future supermen might cherry pick the parts of Dawkins they like (genetic competitiveness) while ignoring his exhortation to "resist the tyranny of selfish genes"? Nietzschean founder Paul Museveni basically took the parts he liked from Nietzsche, Darwin, Dawkins, Ayn Rand, and others and put them into an ideological mixmaster for his own purposes. So any complaints that the Nietzscheans are misusing those thinkers (I use the term generously in the case of Rand ;-) ) have to take into account that their ideology is based on Museveni's interpretations of what they're all about." - Zack, August 24, 2000, from Andromeda TV Fans.

Psychological & Social Characteristics:

- Fair is not a word in the Nietzchean Lexicon;
- Rabid Self-Interest that can progress to Destructive Self-Interest;
- Godlessness;
- Blunt Honesty, but capable of extreme dishonesty as well;
- Strong Individualism;
- Monsters staring at the abyss and having it stare back;
- You can win big, but you can lose big too;
- Total personal responsibility of actions;
- Klingons would definitely think that a Nietzchean is "without honor". And a Nietzchean would definitely think that the slow acting poison he just dropped into the Klingon's blood-wine should take effect long after he has safely slipped away.

In the end, for all their genetic engineering and superhuman strength, Nietzcheans are still human, with human emotions, human is the operative word. Nietzcheans are humans, with severe manifestations from time to time.

Nietzcheans will switch sides if necessary, to what ever side seems to be winning or will bring them the most honor in the eyes of their fellow Nietzcheans.

Family Organization:

Similar to a wolf pack, the organization of Prides is dominated by an Alpha Male. The Alpha Male will usually listen to the advice of the other males in his pride, along with the stronger females. He will also listen to the advice of the Pride's Matriarch.

Alpha Male:    Leader of a Pride/Clan. Strongest, Smartest, Quickest Nietzchean of a Pride/clan, or one who has learned to survive while all of his comrades have been removed.

Pride/Clan Matriarch:    Strongest Female of the Pride/Clan. Not necessarily the wife of the Pride/Clan's Alpha Male. Can be mother, sister, cousin, or even daughter. One of the Primary duties of the Matriarch to assure that the genes of a prospective mate (either male or female) are good ones, and that those genes will benefit the pride by reproduction. Another duty is to make sure thet weak genes are removed, so that they do not contribute to the Pride/Clan. This is accomplished by preventing weak genes from entering the Pride/Clan in the first place, but, it also means that the Matriarch may need to remove weak members of her own Pride/Clan, in order to assure the survival of the rest of the Pride/Clan.

Nietzcheans are taught these ideals and cultural structures from the moment they are born until the moment they die.

A Nietzchean becomes an adult when they reach reproductive age, which can be anywhere from 10-14 years. When they become adults, they are expected to maintain their Pride/Clan's superiority, and to fight for the Pride/Clan when necessary. All Nietzcheans, male and female, are brought up with these teachings. In addition, females have the additional responsibility to produce strong alpha-personality males to lead the Pride/Clan and keep it strong.

New Prides can be formed if a male and at least one female break off from their pride. The stronger a Pride is, the better a chance it has of lasting and becoming more powerful, and defeating its enemy prides.

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