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Nietzchean Alliance

   Capital: Fountainhead
      Term for Citizens: Nietzcheans

     The Nietzchean Alliance was established in 2014 when Museveni and his followers arrive at Fountainhead, in orbit around the star Beta Sirrius Omega. A permanent space station was built in orbit and a colony was established immediately. The Nietzcheans thrived. Within 4 years, the first Nietzchean children were born, these first children were the true Nietzcheans, they were the first generation of Dr. Paul Museveni's genetic manipulations.

     In 2036, Paul Museveni dies under mysterious circumstances, by a rare strain of arsenic poison. His son Drago, at age 19, takes the mantle of leadership of the Alliance. It is suspected by some that Drago removed his father, but it is never proven.

     Drago Museveni himself dies of natural causes in 2070. The next leader of the Alliance is Rheged Mossadim, of the Three Rivers Pride. The Kodiak Pride becomes the caretakers of the remains of Drago Museveni at about the same time, much to the anger of the Drago-Karzov Pride.

     The Nietzchean Alliance has continued to govern themselves by the strongest and most able of their men are the leaders, with the Alphas of the Major Prides competing against each other in combat to determine who the next Alliance Leader will be. This system has worked well for them since their estbalishment.

     The Nietzchean Alliance continued to grow, establishing 12 new colonies in 40 years. They discovered Warp drive in 2101 and trsnsporter technology in 2254.

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Nietzchean Alliance Capital World:

System Data
System Name: Beta Sirrius Omega
Number of Class M Planets: 1
Planetary Data
Position in System: III
Number of Satellites: 2
Planetary Gravity: 1.22g
Planetary Size
Diameter: 13,000 km
Equatorial Circumference: 38,000 km
Total Surface Area: 495,000,000 sq km
Percent Land Mass: 70%
Total Land Area: 348,500,000 sq km
Planetary Conditions
Length of Day: 25 hours
Atmospheric Density: Terrestrial
General Conditions: Warm Temperate
Mineral Content
Normal Minerals (iron, copper, aluminum, etc.): 60%
Radioactives (uranium, plutonium, etc.): 5%
Gemstones (diamonds, rubies, flame gems, etc.): 10%
Industrial Crystals (dilithium, special silicates, etc.): 12%
Special Minerals (pergium, topaline, ryetalyn, etc.): Trace
Cultural Data
Dominent Life Form: Nietzchean
Technological Index (0-9 Scale)
Space Science Index: 9 - Warp drive; faster-than-light vehicles; advanced astrogation
Engineering Index: 9 - Atomic-level circuitry; gravity control technology
Life/Medical Sciences Index: 9 - Propoplaser surgery; major nerve regeneration
Physcial Sciences Index: 9 - Transporter theory; phaser technology; transmutation of elements
Planetary Sciences Index: 9 - Terraforming
Psionics Index: 5 - Psionics measured in many; basic psionic theory understood
Sociopolitical Index (0-9 Scale)
Social Sciences Index: 7 - Large-scale social planning
Cultural Attitude Index: 9 - Participatory Structure


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