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Nietzchean History:

Year Historical Details


- Doctor Paul Museveni, a Human Geneticist, leaves Earth and heads out to deep space with about 300 followers. Dr. Museveni and his followers use 3 DY-200 spaceships. Dr. Museveni and his followers leave Earth because, in the aftermath of the Eugenics wars, genetic alterations were considered taboo, and as such, Museveni could not gain funding for his experiements, which he considered to be essential to the evolution of the human race. Museveni's views were not considered proper, and he was shut out of proper scientific society.
2014 - The Museveni Fleet arrives in the Beta Sirrius Omega System, which is loctaed approximately half-way between Talarian and Kzinti space. An M-class world is found orbiting Beta Sirrius Omega. Museveni and his followers name the world Fountainhead, and declare it the home world of the new Nietzchean sub-race. Ayn Rand Station is built in orbit around Fountainhead.
2016 - Ayn Rand Station is completed. ARS is built by converting one of the DY-200's into the station. The Political Capital is located at Ayn Rand Station. The settlements on Fountainhead continue to grow. The people willingly embrace the philosophy of Dr. Museveni, which is based on elements of Nietzche, Rand, Darwin, and Dawkin.
2017 - Drago Museveni, the son of Dr. Paul Museveni, is born. Drago is the first true Nietzchean born, the result of genetic modifications. The first Pride is formed: Pride Museveni.
2036 - Paul Museveni dies under mysterious circumstances, and his son, at age 19, assumes the leadership of the Nietzchean Alliance.
2037 - Drago-Karzov Pride is formed, the second Pride in Nietzchean Society, after Drago breaks ties with Pride Museveni, and forms an Alliance with the Karzov clan.
2038 - Kodiak Pride forms.
- Pride Jaguar forms.
- Three Rivers Pride forms.
2070 - Drago Museveni of the Drago-Karzov Pride dies. A new leader is chosen from among the Alphas of the strongest Prides.
2101 - Nietzchians discovered warp drive, which allowed them to spread out.
2116 - The Nietzcheans establish their first colony: Zarahustra.
- Enga's Redoubt follows near the end of the year.
2119 - Midden is established.
2125 - Dawkinstown is established.
- Victoria is established.
2126 - Barbarossa is established.
2127 - Hawking is established.
2134 - Kagame's World is established.
2139 - Cestus Mortialis is established.
2148 - Nietzcheans establish the colony of Enkindu.
2152 - Nietzchean Alliance establish the Bedford Forest Colony.
2156 - The last of the Nietzchean Colonies is established at Hephaistos IV.
2254 - Nietzcheans develop transporter technology.
2312 - The Nietzcheans encounter a Kzinti Police Ship. Brief Hostilities ensue, but the Kzinti for the most part leave the Nietzchean Alliance alone, and the Nietzchean Alliance stays out of Kzin Space.
2329 - The Talarian Warship Kamra enters Nietzchean Space, thinking that it is unclaimed, and finds a Nietzchean Settlement around the world of Zarahustra, along with a Nietzchean Battleship in orbit. The Talarians attempt to make a claim on the space, until they realize that the Nietzchean vessel is slightly more powerful than their ship, and also that the colony has been on Zarahustra for over 100 years already. They leave peacefully, and establish guarded diplomatic relations with the Alliance.
2338 - First Contact between the Nietzchean Alliance and the Cardassian Union ends in the destruction of 2 Cardassian warships, and one Nietzchean Cruiser. After 4 months of minor skirmishes, the Cardassians turn their eyes towards Bajoran Space, and make peace with the Alliance.
2365 - The Nietzchians meet the Klingon empire, being that they were both great warrior races, they got along. Basically the Nitzchians saw that in order to survive they would not go to war with the Klingons.
2368 - Formal first contact with the United Federation of Planets was made. A quick, but cautious, alliance formed, the Nietzchians happy to find their long lost cousins returned to them. They would not join the Federation though, prefering to keep their independance. They became loose allies instead, sharing culture, technology and other interests.
2372 - The Nietzchians formalized their alliance with the Federation, during the Dominion Conflict, siding with the Federation and her allies, because they considered the Jem'Hadar to be 'weak' since they didn't rise up and destroy the Founders and Vorta, whom they were stronger and more powerful then.


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