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Nietzschean Defense Force


The Nietzchean Defense Force is divided into two branches, the Argosy (Starship Operations), and the Lancer Corp. (Marine Operations).

The Argosy is responsible for starship operations, starship combat, space travel, and such. The Lancer Corp is resposible for planetary combat, starship security duties, military prison forces, military police, and airborne combat situations.

Both the Argosy and the Lancer Corp wear the same uniforms, but their rank pips are different.

Special Argosy Weapons & Equipment:

1) Force-Lance:

Force LanceThe Argosy tend to use weapons that are smaller in size than their Lancer counterparts, called Force-Lances, as their standard side-arm. These Force-Lances can extend into a quarterstaff almost two meters long for melee combat, and at close range can shock anyone into unconsciousness with an electrical charge.

The Force-Lance is a versitile weapon, able to also fire a disruptor beam, act as a cutting tool, and provide a light source. Also, each Force-Lance is keyed to it's owner's particular DNA sequence, and as such, can't be used by anyone else without reprogramming it. It will issue an electrical shock to whomever attempts to use it that is not its owner, rendering that person unconscious for approximately 1/2 an hour.

Special Lancer Weapons & Equipment:

Nietzchean Defense Force Rank Structure:

Following is the rank structure of both of these groups, and their Starfleet equivilants.

Nietzchean Rank Structure - Officers

Argosy Rank Starfleet Rank Lancer Corp. Rank Starfleet Marine Rank
O1 - Ensign Ensign O1 - Second Signifier Second Lieutenant
O2 - Lt. Junior Grade Lt. Junior grade O2 - First Signifier First Lieutenant
O3 - Lieutenant Lieutenant O3 - Brevet Major Captain (Marine)
O4 - Lt. Commander Lt. Commander O4 - Major Major
O5 - Commander Commander O5 - Lt. Colonel Lt. Colonel
O6 - Captain Captain O6 - Colonel Colonel
O7 - Admiral Commodore O7 - Brigadier General Brigadier General
O8 - Admiral Rear Admiral O8 - General Major General
O9 - Admiral Vice-Admiral O9 - General Lt. General
O10 - Admiral Admiral O10 - General General
O11 - Admiral Fleet Admiral O11 - General General of the Marine Corp.

Nietzchean Rank Structure - Enlisted

Argosy Starfleet Lancer Corp. Starfleet Marines
E1 - Spacer Crewman Recruit E1 - Lancer Private
E2 - Spacer First Class Crewman Apprentice E2 - Lancer First Class Private First Class
E3 - Senior Spacer Crewman E3 - Sergeant Lance Corporal
E4 - Master Spacer Petty Officer Third Class E4 - Staff Sergeant Corporal
E5 - Petty Officer Petty Officer Second Class E5 - Gunnery Sergeant Sergeant
E6 - Chief Petty Officer Petty Officer First Class E6 - Master Sergeant Staff Sergeant
E7 - Senior CPO Chief Petty Officer E7 - First Sergeant Gunnery Sergeant
E8 - Master CPO Senior Chief Petty Officer E8 - Sergeant Major Master Sergeant
E9 - Argosy CPO Master Chief Petty Officer E9 - Sergeant Major of the Lancers Sergeant Major

Note: There is no equivilant ranks for Warrant Officer ranks in the Nietzchean Military.


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