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Episode Five: A New Beginning (Part 2)

Episode Outline by: C.J. LeBlanc

Produced by: C.J. LeBlanc, Brian Minosh, and Don Ratliff

This episode is dedicated to the memory of Maele Tagaloalagi, who died in service to his country after the destruction in New York City and in Washington, D.C. 1975-2001

This episode is also dedicated to the memory of all of those who gave their life in the NYC and DC attacks, and to all who have helped the recovery effort in any way.

Tomar Cast Listing

Special Guest Appearances

Marcus Shepherd, Rear Admiral -
Commanding Officer
Davis MacMillan, Vice-Admiral -
Commanding Officer - Avalon Fleet Yards
Ml'Torca, Low Colonel -
Executive Officer
Harry Stoner, M.D., Commander -
Second Officer, USS Tomar
Lance Foster, Commander -
Chief Conn Officer
Taktu Fa'alamanu, Commander -
Senior Intel Officer, USS Tomar
William Patton, M.D., Commander -
Chief Medical Officer
Estelita Cordoba, Commander -
Commanding Officer, USS Laffey
Mark Jennings, Lieutenant -
Chief of Operations
Reily Flannigan, Major -
Marine Company Commanding Officer, USS Tomar
Joran Sorac, Lieutenant -
Chief Engineer
Saladin Bolivar, Brevet Major -
Nietzchean Alliance Officer Exchange Program, USS Tomar
Josh Stalker, Lieutenant -
Asst. Chief Conn Officer
Vigdis Sirrisdóttir, Lieutenant -
Acting Executive Officer/Strategic Operations, USS Laffey
Ian St. Lucent, BF Master Chief Petty Officer -
Chief of the Boat
Clotrevor, D'ja -
Chief Engineer, USS Tomar
Anlash, M.D., Chief Trauma Surgeon -
Cyteen Union
Morse, Inspector -
Cyteen Union Security
Melak Mureik, Specialist -
Mirror Universe Zeon Prefecture
Jess Mureik, Cadet -
Mirror Universe Zeon Prefecture
Eneg Surkei, Doctor -
Mirror Universe Zeon Prefecture
J'nala, Civillian -
Orion Stowaway

Episode Five Summary

Captain's Log

Captain's Log.

Another Point of View
Personal Log of
Commander Lance Foster:

"Personal log, stardate, uh... hmm. Friday. The war is over, ended about two and a half years ago. I got demoted. Yup. But that's okay, cause I got promoted again. I'm supposed to be serving on the Tomar, but here I am on the Kep Salu. Go figure. The crew is, or was a pretty good bunch of chaps, but quite a few of them are leaving after this last mission, so it feels like I have a whole new crew to get use to  again. Oh well. No big change in my life there.

"So here I am, talking to a computer, and wearing the rank pips of a full Commander. I'm sure that'll change in no time. The best part of of my career since the war has been testing my boundries with the superior officers. With Captain Marcel I found it. And I got booted off his ship. But this Marcus Shepherd is gonna be more of a challenge. No big deal, I'm getting closer to alienating the first officer. I'll be all downhill from there, but boy what a ride!

"This last mission was one of the weirdest missions I've seen. For instance Shepherd dissappears to god knows where, then I started being my usual asshole self in demanding to destroy a generator for some dampening feild thing, and what happens? I get volunteers to join me! Ha!

"Then there's this girl. No! Not that kind of 'this girl' She's about 12 or 13 or something, Orion. She claims to be for sale to the highest bidder as a slave. That's not hard to believe. If I hadn'st helped her, she'd probably wind up as one of those mindless dancers people tend to enjoy so much. I don't stand for slavery, so I helped her out, no biggie. I swear though, she's gotten pretty attatched to me. It's my fault, I shouldn't have gotten involved. She was kidnepped by a Jem'hadar, but we got her back pretty quickly. I just don't understand what the Jem'hadar wanted with her in the first place. Still, J'nala's a smart kid with a lot of potential....."

Awards Received

Episode Four: A New Beginning (Part 1) Episode Six: Out of the Ashes, a King Rises