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If you see a position you are interested in, please contact one of the Admins (position title is in orange), or complete the Tomar Player Application. If you want a position that is not listed here, email one of the Admins and we will let you know if it is allowed.
Name Rank Position Species Gender Hail
 Marcus Eneg Shepherd Rear Admiral Commanding Officer Zeon/Human Male
Ml'Torca First Officer Raydeen Male
William Patton Second Officer Human Male
Master Chief Petty Officer of Bravo Fleet Chief of the Boat  ? ?
Senior JAG Officer ? ?
Josh Stalker Lt. Commander Chief Conn Officer Xenexian Male
Joseph Hodkiss Conn Officer Male
Conn Officer ? ?

Chief Strategic Operations Officer

? ?
Chief Intelligence Officer ? ?
Asst. Chief Intelligence Officer ? ?

Chief of Operations

? ?

Asst. Chief Operations Officer

? ?
Catherine McKenzie Chief Tactical Officer Human Female
Stonewall Jackson


Marine Commander Human Male
Trovon Trysari Tal Shiar Captain Chief Security Officer Romulan/Andorian Male
Eos Loxley Security Officer Female
Senior Tactical Officer ? ?
Marine Operations Officer ? ?
Tactical Officer ? ?
Marine Medic ? ?
Heavy Weapons Specialist ? ?
Platoon Sergeant ? ?
Chief Engineering Officer ? ?
Asst. Chief Engineering Officer ? ?
Chief Science Officer ? ?
Asst. Chief Science Officer ? ?
William Patton Chief Medical Officer Human Male
Assistant Chief Medical Officer ? ?
Chief Counselor ? ?
Asst. Chief Counselor ? ?

Civilian 4-Forward Lounge Manager ? ?


? ?


? ?


? ?

The rank pips graphics on this page where created by Brian Minosh. Please do not copy these images, simply e-mail Brian Minosh for permission for use. Brian will happily pass along the files to anyone who takes the time to ask him for the files