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NAME Catherine McKenzie
RACE Human
AGE (Terran years) 27
PLACE OF BIRTH Alpha Proxima
DATE OF BIRTH 6-20-2351
Federation Standard


Star Fleet Academy      

USS Darken Tactical Offficer - Ensign
Deep Space 8 Chief Tactical Officer Lt(jg)
USS Tomar Chief Tactical Officer - Lt. 


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Cat was born on Alpha Proxima during the mid 2351. She was a happy child but grew up without her father, when she was little she went with her father and her mother and a vacation on Risa. There they had a lot of fun. She loved Risa. She loved swimming in the ocean on Risa and the good weather. On Risa, she broke her leg while playing outside. She fell down the steps and broke her leg. The Doctors on Risa quickly fixed her leg and got him back to 100% and so she could enjoy the rest of her vacation. Her father left her and her mother when she was only 4 years old to marry a human female .She had an affair with for over 2 years. Cat was very said about her parents splitting up because she was so young did not understand why there happened. She had a very hard time dealing with them. Her mother also had a bad time with them, she became depressed, and she did not want to do anything. Cat's mother never remarried but she often dated but never found someone she really liked or wanted to settle down with. She never though anybody could compare to her ex-husband or that any of the would be a good father to Cat.

When Cat turned six she started going too typical Human schools. She made many friends at school and was very happy. She was a popular little girl and she liked playing sports at school. She played all any types sports. She also got interested in sports from other cultures. Unfortunately, in the middle of the year, her mother fell in love with a human she had met several months ago. The two diced to get married and move to Earth. Cat was not happy about moving because she liked it on Alpha Proxima but was happy for her mother. They moved to Earth but she found earth to be more overwhelming than Alpha Proxima. She found it hard to make friends on Earth at the schools. In addition, she never did anything. Her grades started to fall because she became UN happy on Earth 

When she turned 14 and has lived on Earth for a while her mother died in a freak accident involving a shuttle and a replicator, Cat was never told what really happened. She was then force reunited with her father that has been living on Earth now for several years. Her father was divorced from a human female now for over 6 years. She and her father grew a lot closer and they moved back to Alpha Proxima after some times on Alpha Proxima She started attending normal schools, She met many boys and started dating a lot but her father scared most of them away. When She finished school, She applied for Starfleet Academy and was accepted. She moved back to Earth ones again. 

At the Academy, she majored in the Fields of Piloting and Tactical/Security. Her first assignment was onboard the USS Draken as a Tactical Officer. After a year on the Draken, she was reassigned to another ship, the USS Gerona a Galaxy Class ship. She stayed on the Gerona trough the Dominion War. After the War, she was assigned to Deep Space 8 as Chief Tactical Officer. She served there until present. Only a month ago she was informed that she would be transferring to the USS Tomar a Sabre Class Variant.



Cat is very stuck up and close-minded. When she believes in something, it is hard to change her mind. She is usually friendly but she has mood swings and she does not have patients for people that question her actions.


Cat is in her late 20s but still looks young. She has blond hair with blue eyes. She is not to skinny sense she works out a lot.