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Starfleet Medical Corps: Medical Procedures


Accelerated Critical Neural Pathway Formation
Medical procedure that uses genetic re-coding to alter the brain of a humanoid patient. The procedure is illegal under laws dating back to the end of the Eugenics Wars. The Federation ban on DNA re-sequencing was based on the argument that if genetically enhanced people were allowed to compete freely, all parents would feel pressured to have their children enhanced so that they could keep up. 

Amniotic Scan
Sensor readings of the fluid contained within the amniotic sac of a mammalian pregnancy. 

Annual Physical 
Routine medical examination required of all Starfleet personnel. 

ARA Scan 
Medical scan that can be used to determine the truthfulness of a humanoid subject. 

Basilar Arterial Scan

Medical diagnostic test. 

Berylite Scan 
Medical procedure used aboard Federation starships. 

Bio-temporal Chamber
Medical device created by the Emergency Medical Hologram aboard Voyager in 2379. The chamber used a bio-temporal field to push cells into an earlier stage of entropic decay. 

Blood Screening
Medical test used by Federation personnel to identify shape-shifters. 

Brain-circuitry Pattern
Medical diagnostic image mapping neural activity in a humanoid brain. 

Cardiac Induction
Emergency medical resuscitative measure. 

Cardiopulmonary Reconstruction 
Medical procedure for repairing the heart of a humanoid patient. 

Cellular Regeneration and Entertainment Chamber
Experimental medical treatment device intended to make humanoid patients effectively immortal by keeping their cells entertained. 

CPK Enzymatic Therapy 

Medical treatment to limit the extent of spinal injury. 

Cryogenic Open-heart Procedure
Surgical procedure used to repair damaged cardiac tissue using temperatures near absolute zero. 

Medical procedure used to slow down biological functions in a critically injured patient, allowing the physician more time to correct the malady. 

Decompression Chamber 
Medical treatment facility aboard Federation starships for patients requiring exposure to atmospheric pressures other than Class-M normal. 

Deep Tissue Scan 
Medical scan done as part of a post mortem investigation. 

Direct Reticular Stimulation
Medical procedure in which electrical energy is applied directly to the nervous system of a humanoid patient in an attempt to revive neural activity. 

DNA Reference Scan
Medical test to confirm an individual's identity by matching DNA patterns. 

Electrophoretic Analysis
Standard medical test run to analyze cellular components. 

Encephalographic Polygraph Scan 

A brainwave scan used to determine truthfulness during questioning. 

Engramatic Purge

Medical procedure used to erase specific thoughts from a person's mind. 

Genetic Resequencing Vector 

Medical suspension formulated to shut down Borg nanoprobes as they emerge from dormancy. 

Hematological Scan 

Medical diagnostic study of a patient's blood factors. 


Medical test that records and measures brain-wave activity. 

Hypothalmic Series

Medical test used to determine hypothalmic function. 

Inner Nuncial Series
A battery of neurological tests. 

Jungian Therapy
Psychiatric treatment based on the theories of Carl Gustav Jung. 

K-3 Indicator

Medical measurement of neural activity corresponding to the level of pain being experienced by a patient. 

Myocardial Enzyme Balance 
Medical test used in surgical, particularly cardiac, procedures. 

Neural Imaging Scan 
Medical diagnostic scan used to test the acuity of the patient's visual cortex. 

Psychological Profile 

Complete psychological history required of all Starfleet personnel. 

Reflection Therapy 
Psychiatric technique used on the planet Tilonus IV in which the patient's brain is scanned and images from brain areas that control emotions and memory are projected holographically. 

Resonance Tissue Scan 
Medical diagnostic test used by Starfleet physicians to screen for infection. 

Retinal Imaging Scan 

Medical test used to verify the presence or absence of activity in the visual cortex. 

Ribosome Infusion 

Medical treatment suggested by Dr. Crusher to help the injured Romulan Patahk after exposure to the surface conditions on Galorndon Core in 2366. 

Robbiani Dermal Optic Test 

Medical diagnostic test that registers a subject's emotional structure through skin and pupil response to visual stimulation at specific color wavelengths. 

Steinman Analysis 

Medical test noting individual specific data such as voice analysis and brain patterns. 

Synaptic Induction 

Technique in neurotheraphy used for patients suffering from traumatic memory loss. 

Synaptic Reconstruction 
Surgery which neutralizes the synaptic pathways responsible for deviant behavior.