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The Jillian's Heart is NO MORE. Destroyed at the outskirts of the Altor System while fighting against Alliance ships from the Mirror Universe, Captain Elijah Belliveau-Nimare and his valiant crew sacrificed their ship and their home.

The Captain and his crew survive though, on Jillian's Revenge, a B'rel-class Bird-of-Prey from the Mirror Universe that they captured.

This is the website for the Revenge, based out of Altor II, and Deep Space 14, which is located in the Gamma Quadrant. The S.S. Jillian's Heart is based out of the DS14 Simm, which is a part of Bravo Fleet.

This site will give you some information on the Jillian's Revenge, her crew, specifications, and other information.

We hope you enjoy your stay, and look forward to serving your needs if possible.

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PG-13 This sim has been voluntarily rated PG-13 by its administrators. It involves content of a violent nature as well as adult situations.
PG-13 indicates that the sim is similar to a PG sim but there may be more adult content, such as dating (GASP!), kissing, and IMPLIED sexual relations, meaning they are alluded to but never "seen". A typical episode from either the  Voyager or Deep Space 9 series.

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