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2100 - 2199

Humanity established a foothold on Mars and the colonization process begins.

Eight women are brutally knifed to death by an unknown assailant in the Martian Colonies. This is later found to be the same entity that committed several murders on planet Argelius in 2267. 

Having learned the lessons of the last World War, the first united Earth government is established. Australia is the only nation that declines membership.

The Warp 5 Complex is established to create technology that will allow humans to safely explore deep space. Zefram Cochrane is present during the dedication ceremony. Cochrane, now advanced in years and a resident of the Alpha Centauri system, soon takes off for "parts unknown."

Spacecraft SS Mariposa is launched. The craft carries two groups of colonists bound for the Ficus sector. It settles colonies on Bringloid V. It later crashes on planet Mariposa while attempting to settle a second group of colonists.  There are only five survivors of the crash, who attempt to keep their colony viable using cloning technology.

Australia, the last holdout, joins the United Earth government.



The Andorian Admiral Tomar commands the 2nd Allied Tasked Force against a Romulan Task Force in the battle of Alexander X.  He successfully stops the Romulans at Alexander X.


The United Federation of Planets is incorporated at the First Babel Conference. Starfleet is established with a charter "to boldly go where no man has gone before." The Federation is governed by a council, located in the city of San Francisco, California on Earth, and the Federation council president's office is located in the City of Paris, France, on Earth. The Constitution of the Federation includes important protections of individual rights including the Seventh Guarantee, protecting citizens against self-incrimination. The original sugnatories include Earth, Alpha Centauri, Vulcan, Andor, and Tellar. The Rigel/Orion Colonies remain outside the Federation entirely.




A new type of impulse engine is adopted. The basic design of impulse drive remains unchanged for at least two centuries.


The Daedalus-class starship USS Reynard, NCC-188, disappears during a mission to deliever specialists and 300 new colonists to a colony. (See for more information.)

The last Daedalus class starship is withdrawn from serviceby Starfleet Command.

Membership in the United Federation of Planets reaches 50 worlds.