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Side view of Saber-class starship

The USS Tomar is the fourth ship to bear the name. It is named after Admiral Tomar, an Andorian who commanded the 2nd Federation Task Force against the Romulans in 2158, from before the incorporation of the United Federation of Planets.

The USS Tomar was at the forefront of the recent Dominion War, and, during a special mission, received serious damage, and had to be towed back to space dock, which, the only one available was Utopia Planitia, in orbit around Mars, Sector 001. Also at the space dock was the USS Apocalypse, NCC-77007-A, another Saber-class vessel, which had also just been towed back from a Gamma quadrant excursion. The hull of the Apocolypse was no longer space-worthy, unlike the hull of the Tomar, and, it was decided to retire the Apocalypse and to use some of the components that were salvagable in the Tomar.
Top view of Saber-class starship

The Tomar refit took approximately 18 months to finish, to configure the Apocolypse systems to the Tomar frame, to modify internal and external systems and materials, and to incorporate new Starfleet technoloogy into her as well. In the end, this Tomar was different then the one before, internally and externally, she was now capable of longer-term missions and even deep-exploartion missions as well. Starfleet Corp of Engineers decided that the Tomar was the first of the Mark III series of the Saber-class vessels, with more advanced technology and the ability to swap special modules if needed in a minimal amount of time.


This new USS Tomar is different from her sister saber-class ships in that she was designed for long-term missions. Officer and crew quarter sizes have been increased, and two holo-decks have also been installed. Along with these additions, a class-9a Science module has also been installed.

The Tomar has full ablative armor, and also a reactive armor sub-layer seperated by an alloy skin, as was initially tested and incorporated into the USS Apocalypse. The Tomar also has bio-gel packs and specialized holo-emitters on all decks to allow the EMH access to all parts of the vessel.

In addition to the new hull materials, there is also a layered duranium-tritanium weave with a honeycombed substructure in a triple hull configuration. The ship has a heavily reinforced frame. All vital areas/systems have a heavily armored interior hull for additional protection. The observation lounge, 4-forward (the main lounge), the Marine barroom, and the main mess hall all have retractable exterior blast doors and the ship has transversal bulkheads.

The Tomar has a Mara class-X warp core and engines. There are direct plasma conduits to the energy weapon systems and the defensive grid. An advanced Starfleet proto-type power distribution system and plasma injectors have also been installed, boosting the Tomar's power output by 125%. This allows for a maximum cruising speed of Warp 9.9 for 12 hours, and a maximum sustainable speed of Warp 9.5. The Tomar's normal cruise speed is Warp 8. The Tomar has also been fitted with the necessary technology to prevent warp-speed damage to space. The Warp engines, and new structural design allow for sustainable sub-light speeds over Full Impulse up to and including 0.98 light speed for 24 hours without permenant damage to the hull or the Tomar's systems.

The Tomar has a type-9 personnel shuttlecraft, one type-7 personnel shuttlecraft, and one type-18 shuttlepod, all warp capable. The type-9 and type-6 shuttles each have two banks of type-4 phasers, and the type-15 pod has one bank of type-3 phasers.

The Tomar's cargo bays have three tiers of retractable emergency bunks, with ladders built into the hull. This allows the Tomar to have a maximun emergency capacity of 300 persons. The normal crew compliment for the USS Tomar is about 70 Starfleet personnel, and 15 Starfleet Marines. The two main cargo bays and the two smaller cargo bays provide enough storage facilities for suplies for a 3-5 year duration deep-space mission if necessary.

The USS Tomar has installed in it class-9a Science grade sensors, along with a Standard Federation sensor grid system. Also included in the Tomar's new sensor grid package is a specialized Starfleet Intelligence developed sensor augmentation sub-grid, this, combined with the newly installed science sensors, boosts the Tomar's scanning accuracy by a factor of 75%.

Starfleet Command had an idea of where the Tomar was going to be assigned once her refit was completed, and so, along with three Mark VII Federation transporters, a Klingon Mark VI 10-person silent transporter was also installed at Utopia Planitia, in the Marine section of the Tomar. The two main cargo bays have Mark VI cargo transporters installed in them. All transporters have normal range for matter/energy transfer.

The Tomar's main computer is a Federation multitronic LCARS system, which includes the EMH Mark V program integrated into it.

With this latest refit of the Tomar, the Tomar will not need another refit for at least six years, unless their is a significant increase in new Starfleet/Federation technology before then.

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