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The basic tenents of Nietzchean philosphy are:

The Human philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche believed that strife and conflict would inevitably reshape men into something better and stronger than what they once were. As a Human subspecies, Nietzscheans took his words to heart and used genetic engineering and nanotechnology to reshape themselves into the ultimate survivors.

Nietzscheans have built their culture on the twin pillars of social Darwinism and Dawkinite genetic competitiveness. Their single-minded devotion to self-improvement and the propagation of their own genes can strike other species (even their non-Nietzschean Human cousins) as selfish and arrogant, yet in practice the Nietzscheans' boundless energy and willpower will make them valued contributors to their neighbors in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Now that you have reviewed all of the information about the Nietzchean species, as modified to fit into a Star Trek Universe, it is our hope that you can see that the Nietzchean sub-species can be played in a Star Trek SIMM.

What we are asking is that the Nietzchean sub-species be allowed as a player species, for only the one player who has requested it. This could be considered as a test case.   In support of this, we are also sending some posts that have been written by this player, and, one such post will be added to this page.

Please consider everything that you have read when you evaluate our appeal to your first decision.

Thank you for your time,

Marcus Shepherd, Starfleet Commodore Saladin Bolivar, Nietzchean Defense Force Brevet Major
Commanding Officer - USS Tomar Security/Tactical Chief - USS Tomar
Federation Citizen Nietzchean Alliance Citizen

Bolivar's Bio:


Subject: Klingons

"So.. with his last dying breath, The great General Ko'mech raised his
bat'leht and decapitated his enemy then died a warrior's death."

Shaking his head the Nietzchean had to keep from scornfully laughing at the
story, Klingons loved their honorable battles and glorious deaths.  As if
death heald glory, it heald was, decomposition, your genes not being passed
down, and your enemies taking what was left.

Well, it also got you was stories and songs apparantly where any fool can
tell the tail of your idiocy over some bloodwine then pass out drunk or hit
each other with chairs.

Their third story began, something about a ship, an officer and crashing in
to a dominion vessel.  Finally he couldn't resist any more and actually

Klingons, being Klingons took offense to everything as an insult to their so
called honor, so they tried to intimidate him.  "You laugh at our heros

Rising from his feet the stylized uniform of a Lancer was different from the
battle armor of the Empire, "I laugh at the fools who the empire thinks pass
for heros.  All that man did was to destroy a valuable ship, end his life,
and his chances of reproduction all to destroy 3 Jem Hadar who's clones were
already growing in a vat."

The lead klingon recognised his arm spikes and sneered, "and you would have
a better approach Nietzchean?"

"Yes I would, a simple but lethal nanopoison placed in the ketracel white
supply for the sector could do more damage and possibly either outright kill
or drive insane divisions of jem hadar who hopefully would attack  founders
and Vorta destroying the Dominion command structure."

Now they looked offended, "There is no HONOR in that tactic it is the way of
a coward."

Saladin's laugh was scornful, "It is the way of one who will survive to see
generations be born, to see the Klingon empire crumble as you cannabilize
yourself for foolish honor. Kahless the unforgettable could learn a thing or
to from Drago Museveni about survival, about true victory.  It means nothing
to destroy your enemies if you are not around to enjoy the spoils of

"Coward!" One of the warriors he had immedialy signaled as target 1 reached
for a knife, Klingons did love their knives.  But this headstrong kid was
also protecting his leg.  A simple snap kick and he was on the ground with a
broken thigh.  Never assume a thing about an enemy.

Soon starbase secureity had shown up, and the Klingons were back on their
ship.  They left him alone, humans always thought that the Nietzcheans would
be like Kahn's supermen, all ready to declare them selves lords of the earth
or some garbage like that.


Bvt Maj Saladin Bolivar
NDLC Exchange officer
Chief of security
USS Tomar


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