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Player/Character Point Totals

Date ending: February 28, 2002
Results for Posting Cycle 19

(For a definition and decription of the Tomar's posting policies, please go to the Official Policy Page.)

Name Current Rank Total Posts this Cycle Points Earned
this Cycle
Total Points
Points to
Next Advancement
Marcus Shepherd Rear Admiral 8 100 9797 15000 *
MI'Torca Low Colonel (4) 14 164 3116 6000 *
Lance Foster Commander 4 51 2351 6000 *
William Patton Commander 5 69 2727 6000 *
Mark Jennings Lieutenant 2 20 1196 1700
Dionysis Lamont Lieutenant 1 15 1115 1700
Joran Sorac Lieutenant 5 74 1368 1700
Josh Stalker Lieutenant 1 8 1459 1700
Ian St. Lucent Master CPO of BF 8 113 3673 4000 *
April Sorac Civillian 5 81 81 N/A

Note: If an * is next to the number of points needed to advance in rank, then that means that in addition to the approval of the Tomar's Admin staff, the approval of the Bravo Fleet Admirality is required before the rank can actually be awarded.

Military Organization

Original Rank Starfleet Equivilent
(1) Starfleet Marine Corp Major Lt. Commander
(4) Raydeen Military Low Colonel Commander
(5) Nietzchean Defense Force Brevet Major Lieutenant


Awards Received


Award Received
     Character Awards
None Received this Cycle

     SIMM Awards

None Received this Cycle
     Player Awards
None Received this Cycle


Approved Leave of Absence List


LOA Status


Missing in Action (MIA) List


MIA Status


Players with Current Consequences


Current Status
Lt. Mark Jennings Warning of Probabtion
Lt. Dionysis Lamont Warning of Probabtion
Lt. Josh Stalker Warning of Probabtion