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Bajoran Militia
Rank Structure

Comparison Of Bajoran Militia Ranks
Against Starfleet Ranks

Bajoran Rank Insignia Equivalent SF Insignia
General Bajoran General Commodore
Bajoran General
Colonel Bajoran Colonel Captain
Bajoran Colonel
Major Bajoran Major Commander
Captain Bajoran Captain Lt. Commander
Lieutenant Bajoran Lieutenant Lieutenant
Lieutenant (jg) Bajoran Lt. j.g. Lt. j.g.
Ensign Bajoran Ensign Ensign

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The pips graphics and rank descriptions on this page were created by Steven Marriott, for the Tango Fleet PBE-RPG. Please do not copy these images. If you wish to obtain a copy simply go to the Tango Fleet Website, and the Ranks Page. Hear you will find info regarding the Pips. Steven will happily pass along the files freely to anyone who takes the time to ask him for there use.