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Starfleet Rank Structure

The following Departments Correspond with the following colors:
Red Collars Yellow Collars Teal Collars
Flight Control
Black Collars White Collars Green Collars
Intelligence Diplomatic Corp. Marines
Grey Collars Royal Blue  
Temporal Investigations/Security S-SEALS  

Officer Rates

Starfleet follows a simple system. All department are equal in authority, and the only characteristic difference is the Rank of the individuals in each department, even if those Ranks are named differently.

Medical, Engineering, Science, Diplomatic, and Command, inherited the use of the original Earth Naval Rank system, while the Marines and S-SEALS (Space-Sea, Air, and Land Specialiists) have adopted the old Earth Army Ranks. But needless to say, the Marine Ranks, whilst different in name and design, hold the same weight as there corresponding Naval Rank.

e.g. A Naval Cdr. has the same authority as the corresponding Marine Rank, in this case Lt. Colonel. As such a Naval Cdr. can give orders to a Marine Major, because the Naval rank of Cdr. is higher than the Marine Rank of Major. This system works both ways, a Marine Lt. Colonel can give orders to a Naval Lt. Cdr.

This is a good point to note that Naval ranks are used in all of the following departments:

  • Command
  • Conseling
  • Diplomatic Corp
  • Engineering
  • Flight Control
  • Judge Advocate General
  • Intelligence
  • Medical
  • Science
  • Security/Tactical
  • Temporal Affairs

Comparison Of Naval and Marine Ranks

Naval Rank Insignia Abbreviation Marine Rank Insignia Abbreviation
Fleet Admiral R-FAdm.JPG (4066 bytes) FAdm. Field Marshal G-FMar.JPG (5422 bytes) FMar.
Admiral R-Adm.JPG (3848 bytes) Adm. General G-Gen.JPG (4639 bytes) Gen.
Vice Admiral R-VAdm.JPG (3571 bytes) VAdm. Lt. General G-LtGen.JPG (4328 bytes) Lt. Gen.
Rear Admiral R-RAdm.JPG (3243 bytes) RAdm. Major General G-MGen.JPG (3960 bytes) MGen.
Commodore R-Comdor.JPG (2994 bytes) Comdor. Brigadier General G-BGen.JPG (3673 bytes) BGen.
Captain R-capt.JPG (3701 bytes) Capt. Colonel G-Col.JPG (3265 bytes) Col.
Commander R-Cdr.JPG (3383 bytes) Cdr. Lt. Colonel G-LtCol.JPG (2969 bytes) Lt. Col.
Lt. Commander R-LtCdr.JPG (3422 bytes) Lt. Cdr. Major G-Maj.JPG (3060 bytes) Maj.
Lt. R-Lt.JPG (3049 bytes) Lt. Marine Captain G-MCapt.JPG (2818 bytes) MCapt.
Lt. Junior Grade R-Ltjg.JPG (3088 bytes) Lt. (jg). 1st Lt. G-1Lt.JPG (2694 bytes) 1Lt.
Ensign R-Ens.JPG (2707 bytes) Ens. 2nd Lt. G-2Lt.JPG (2758 bytes) 2Lt.
Cadet 4th Year Cadet4.jpg (7708 bytes) C4 Cadet 4th Year Cadet4.jpg (7708 bytes) C4
Cadet 3rd Year Cadet3.jpg (7658 bytes) C3 Cadet 3rd Year Cadet3.jpg (7658 bytes) C3
Cadet 2nd Year Cadet2.jpg (7416 bytes) C2 Cadet 2nd Year Cadet2.jpg (7416 bytes) C2
Cadet 1st Year Cadet1.jpg (7147 bytes) C1 Cadet 1st Year Cadet1.jpg (7147 bytes) C1

Enlisted Rates

Enlisted Officers are the main back bone to any organisation. Starfleet is no different...

Enlisting allows individuals who do not wish to take a 4 year training course at the Academy and a years tour of duty, to join up and become a member of Starfleet. There training is more specific and shorter, lasting but one year allowing for a continued training that takes place in the field.

This continued training means that upon reaching a high Rate a NCO may become an officer. (See the Bureau for Enlisted Affairs for more detailed information on this).

Below you can find a list of Rates (the term used to describe the Insignia used by NCOs), and pips, for Naval and Marine Enlisted Officers, or more simply called Non-Com's (non-commissioned officers).

Also provided hear is a comparison of the "experience chain of command " between the Officer and Warrant Officers Ranks and NCO Rates.

NCO Rates

Naval Rate Insignia Abbreviation Marine Rate Insignia Abbreviation
Master Chief Petty Officer of Starfleet R-MCPOSF.JPG (3211 bytes) MCPOSF Sergeant Major of Starfleet G-SMAJSF.JPG (3249 bytes) SMaj. SF
Master Chief Petty Officer R-MCPO.JPG (3136 bytes) MCPO Sergeant Major G-SgtMaj.JPG (3113 bytes) SMaj.
Senior Chief Petty Officer R-SCPO.JPG (3130 bytes) SCPO Master Sergeant G-MSgt.JPG (3110 bytes) MSgt.
Chief Petty Officer R-CPO.jpg (3117 bytes) CPO Gunnery Sergeant G-GSgt.jpg (3090 bytes) GSgt.
Petty Officer 1st Class R-PO1.JPG (3093 bytes) PO1 Staff Sergeant G-SSgt.JPG (3070 bytes) SSgt.
Petty Officer 2nd Class R-PO2.JPG (3049 bytes) PO2 Sergeant G-Sgt.JPG (3022 bytes) Sgt.
Petty Officer 3rd Class R-PO3.JPG (2936 bytes) PO3 Corporal G-Cpl.JPG (2917 bytes) Cpl.
Crewman R-CM.JPG (3108 bytes) CM Lance Corporal G-LCpl.JPG (3070 bytes) LCpl.
Crewman Apprentice R-CMA.jpg (3064 bytes) CMA Private 1st Class G-Pvt1.jpg (3045 bytes) Pvt 1.
Crewman Recruit R-CMR.JPG (2989 bytes) CMR Private G-Pvt.JPG (2955 bytes) Pvt.

Warrant Officer Ranks

At a high rate NCOs are deemed trained sufficiently to achieve an Commissioned Rank and become a Warrant Officer. On reaching the Rate of Chief Petty Officer/Gunnery Sergeant the NCO can apply for Officer Training. At the next Promotion the NCO is promoted to Warrant Officer, and may hold any Junior Officer position (i.e. Asst. Chief Engineer)or any specific Warrant Officer position.

On the next promotion the NCO may can be promoted to CWO and may hold any Senior Officer position (i.e. Chief Engineer), or any specific Warrant Officer position. A Chief Warrant Officer who wishes to become an Starfleet Officer, rather than a Warrant Officer should inform his/her CO, at which point the CO may promote at his/her discretion the CWO to the rank of Lt./Marine Captain.

Warrant Officers Ranks

Insignia Rank Abbreviation
R-CWO3.jpg (9497 bytes) G-CWO3.jpg (9469 bytes) Chief Warrant Officer 3 CWO3
R-CWO2.jpg (8836 bytes) G-CWO2.jpg (8757 bytes) Chief Warrant Officer 2 CWO2
R-CWO.JPG (3152 bytes) G-CWO.JPG (3200 bytes) Chief Warrant Officer 1 CWO1

R-WO.JPG (2798 bytes)

G-WO.JPG (2832 bytes)

Warrant Officer


Important: In the chain of command, all commissioned officers (by rank) outrank all warrant officers (by rank) who in turn outrank all non-commissioned officers and enlisted personnel (by rate). Thus, the lowliest Ensign has more official authority than the most experienced Chief Warrant Officer or Master Chief Petty Officer. However, Starfleet does not operate by the chain of command alone and experience is often more valued by Commanding and Flag Officers when it comes to getting the job done. Below is a chart which approximates the levels of experience-based authority that warrant and non-commissioned officers earn as compared to commissioned officers.

Note: Below the Officer rank of Lt./Marine Captain is marked against a number of different Enlisted Rates. This is not a mistake. This is because the Enlisted Rate, whilst assumed to have greater experience than the NCO bellow him/her, s/he is not assumed to have more experience than an officer at the rank of Lt./Marine Captain.

Experience Chain Of Command for Officers, Warrant and NCO

Officer Insignia Warrant Insignia NCO Insignia
R-capt.JPG (3701 bytes) G-Col.JPG (3265 bytes)
R-Cdr.JPG (3383 bytes) G-LtCol.JPG (2969 bytes)
R-LtCdr.JPG (3422 bytes) G-Maj.JPG (3060 bytes)
R-Lt.JPG (3049 bytes) G-MCapt.JPG (2818 bytes) R-CWO3.jpg (9497 bytes) R-MCPOSF.JPG (3211 bytes) G-SMAJSF
R-Lt.JPG (3049 bytes) G-MCapt.JPG (2818 bytes) R-CWO2.jpg (8836 bytes) R-MCPOTF.JPG (3351 bytes) G-SMAJTF
R-Lt.JPG (3049 bytes) G-MCapt.JPG (2818 bytes) R-CWO.JPG (3152 bytes) R-MCPO.JPG (3136 bytes) G-SgtMaj.JPG (3113 bytes)
R-Ltjg.JPG (3088 bytes) G-1Lt.JPG (2694 bytes) R-wo.jpg (2798 bytes) R-SCPO.JPG (3130 bytes) G-MSgt.JPG (3110 bytes)
R-Ens.JPG (2707 bytes) G-2Lt.JPG (2758 bytes) R-CPO.JPG (3117 bytes) G-GSgt.JPG (3090 bytes)
R-PO1.JPG (3093 bytes) G-SSgt.JPG (3070 bytes)
R-PO2.JPG (3049 bytes) G-Sgt.JPG (3022 bytes)
R-PO3.JPG (2936 bytes) G-Cpl.JPG (2917 bytes)
R-CM.JPG (3108 bytes) G-LCpl.JPG (3070 bytes)
R-CMA.JPG (3064 bytes) G-Pvt1.JPG (3045 bytes)
R-CMR.JPG (2989 bytes) G-Pvt.JPG (2955 bytes)

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