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The Tomar Chronicle-Herald

Volume I, Number 1 - May 8, 2002

Welcome to the very first issue of the Tomar Chronicle-Herald, your newsletter of what is going on with the Tomar simm,  Bravo Fleet and Star Trek, along with other issues as needed. As time allows, I'll work on making the Chronicle-Herald better looking and easy to navigate. In the mean time, enjoy.

I'd like to begin with apologising for my periodic disappearances over the past month, and also for the dismal Joint Mission that we were recently involved in. It was a very last minute decision to join the Raeyan-Sector JM, and I thought it would be a good idea for a chance for you to inetract with others in the fleet. I'm sorry to say that I was wrong. I don't blame the entire group of COs who were running the JM, and I'm not going to name names.

Our next story is entitled: Episode 6: Out of the ashes, A King Arises, and will begin over the weekend. Please continue to post using the I2 in your subject lines for the time being. Episode 6 will be a Joint Mission with 2 other ships, BUT, there will be no combined list, instead, the crews of each ship will stay on their own list, and only the COs and XOs and AGMs will be on the combined list. This will hopefully prevent excessive posts that do not concern the overall storyline to clutter your mailboxes. We'll try it thsi way and see how it goes. If it works, it may become a new standard for future JMs.

Ship's Current Disposition:

We are FINNALLY getting ready to leave this JM and begin our next Episode, which is a partial sub-story of the overall campaign, but it is still our story, and that of our companion ship, which will be revealed shortly. The Tomar is currently in Klingon Space at Klach de kel Brakt, along with most of the rest of the ships that were at Avalon. Strikes forces have finally begun to return to Raeyan Space to begin the retaking of Federation space from the C'hakilian invaders.

Next Cycle:

The next Posting Cycle is Cycle 23, which will run for the entire month of May. All ACTIVE players will need to post 4 (FOUR) posts minimum. If you are on an LOA, please contatc me so that I know if you still need to stay on LOA status, otherwise, if I or one of the AGMs do not hear from you by the end of the month, you will be placed on MIA status.

All department heads should be submitting their monthly Department Head reports. Department Heads who continue to fail to submit will be reprimanded and eventually removed from their positions.

ALSO, I'm going to start enforcing the MIN # of posts per cycle rule, Starting May 1st, 2002. Even if you post, but don't post the min, you will be put on a Warning status, and moved up and down as appropriate. Please look at the Manual if you have any questions, or email the Admins.


Try to get into the habit of making your mins or contacting the Admins if you can't during this cycle.

Points and Status (Cycle 22):

I'm not going to penalize anyone this cycle for not posting and such, only because it was a screwy month with a big mess involved (i.e. the JM).

Your character will stay right where they are now if they have any sort of status, and will not lose any points, though if you posted during Cycle 22, you will gain points.

Characters Status: (End of Cycle 22)

Warning of Probabtion Status:
Lieutenant Stalker

Probation Status (1st Cycle):
Lieutenant Lamont

Probation Status (2nd Cycle):

Warning of Removal Status:

Removed Status:


FOUR out of EIGHT active Players posted this cycle.
THREE out of EIGHT active players made the minimum for this posting cycle (3 posts in 30 days).
10 (Ten) IC posts this cycle.

Date ending: April 30, 2002
Results for Posting Cycle 22


(For a definition and decription of the Tomar's posting policies, please go to the Official Policy Page.)

Name Current Rank Total Posts this Cycle Points Earned
this Cycle
Total Points
Points to
Next Advancement
Marcus Shepherd Rear Admiral 4 62 9997 15000 *
MI'Torca Low Colonel (4) 0 0 3226 6000 *
Lance Foster Commander 0 0 2381 6000 *
William Patton Commander 3 45 2856 6000 *
Mark Jennings Lieutenant 0 - LOA 0- LOA 1196 1700
Dionysis Lamont Lieutenant 0 - MIA 0 - MIA 1086 1700
Joran Sorac Lieutenant 1 20 1461 1700
Josh Stalker Lieutenant 0 - MIA 0 - MIA 1483 1700
Ian St. Lucent Master CPO of BF 0 - LOA 0 - LOA 3703 4000 *
April Sorac Civillian 2 32 169 N/A

Note: If an * is next to the number of points needed to advance in rank, then that means that in addition to the approval of the Tomar's Admin staff, the approval of the Bravo Fleet Admirality is required before the rank can actually be awarded.

Military Organization

Original Rank Starfleet Equivilent
(1) Starfleet Marine Corp Major Lt. Commander
(4) Raydeen Military Low Colonel Commander
(5) Nietzchean Defense Force Brevet Major Lieutenant


Awards Received


Award Received
     Character Awards
None Received this Cycle

     SIMM Awards

None Received this Cycle
     Player Awards
None Received this Cycle


Approved Leave of Absence List


LOA Status
Lt. Mark Jennings Temporary
MCPO St. Lucent Temporary


Missing in Action (MIA) List


MIA Status
Lt. Josh Stalker MIA: Cycle 21
Lt. Dionysis Lamont MIA: Cycles 20, 21


Players with Current Consequences


Current Status
Lt. Josh Stalker Warning of Probation
Lt. Dionysis Lamont Probation (One)


Don't be afraid to ask for an LOA if you really need one, or if you know you're going to be going away. I'm not going to bite your head off, in fact, most of the time, I'm going to ok it (9 out of 10). It saves me the headaches of wondering where you are, and also helps so that you don't lose points.

Some of you haven't posted, nor have I heard from you about anything.

You need to get in contact with me if you can't post as soon as you are able to post again, or even better, before, use somebody elses email if need be, put please, get in touch with me or one of the other AGMs and let us know. If I don't hear from you, I'm going to consider you MIA, and you'll be removed from the SIMM after so many cycles. If you want to leave the simm, please drop me a note and let me know, otherwise, if I remove players from the SIMM, I have to notify BFJAG, which can cause repercussions on you if you run other characters in BF. Please, be considerate, Thanks.

AFY Mailing List:

Everyone should be OFF of the AFY mailing list, UNLESS you are on another ship that is still on it. If you are still getting email, let me know.

Federation Times:

Please keep reading the Federation Times ( to keep up on what else is going on in BF and Starfleet. Stories here may have some impact on what happens in our SIMM.

Admin Staff Contact Information:



None this issue, maybe next issue. Send any comments to

Interesting Real-World Newstories:

'Spider-Man' Sequel Date Set

Schwarzenegger Returns!
     Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed on to reprise two of his more famous roles. He has agreed to once again play the role of a malfunctioning robotic Old West gunman in Westworld. And, to the delight of fans everywhere [this editor too. -ed.], he has also agreed to return to the title role of Conan the Barbarian in a new Conan film being scripted by John Millus. (Page 57, Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine, No. 66, April '02)

Interesting Links:

None this month. If you have any that are appropriate, email them to me ( to be included here.

Interesting Quotes:

None this month. If you have any that are appropriate, email them to me ( to be included here.

Well, thats all for now, talk to you soon, and thanks for posting,

and helping to make the Tomar the best BF simm here.

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