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The Tomar Chronicle-Herald

Volume I, Number 6 - May 1, 2003

Welcome back to the latest issue of the Chronicle-Herald.  Thanks for your continued support of the SIMM.

Welcome everyone to the newest issue of the Tomar Chronicle-Herald. We're slowly getting back on track here.

Point totals for April 2003 are finished and are in this issue.

We are still working on the rules update, but its almost done and should be up by the middle of May. Once it goes up, the new rules will go into place immediately, along with the consequences for not following the rules. We are going to change the consequence system, so that players who continually do not post and fail to contact any of the Admins will just be removed. This has been an ongoing issue that is not being fixed under the current rules, so we are trying to evolve the ship to keep up with the times.

The crewbios page is also going to be updated, and should be finished around the same time, if not sooner. We are adding in new positions as well, so if you know anyone who wants to try something new, have them look up the Tomar.

Tomar Website:

TF 44 (GrayMist):

So, sit back, relax and enjoy, and thanks for staying.

-C.J. aka Rear Admiral Shephard

For the month of May 2003, EVERYONE should be posting at least ONCE A WEEK! This means that everyone should have 4 posts into the list by May 31st, 2003! Please contact any of the Admin staff if you have any questions.

Ship's Current Disposition:

The Tomar crew is currently in the Trus System, winding down a diplomatic mission. We now have

Teaser for Episode 7: A New Era - Gunboat Diplomacy:

What is suppose to be a simple shakedown cruise quickly turns into something else, a diplomatic mission to the Trus system, near the Krazzle border. Throw a new Executive Officer into the mix (the Tomarís old XO returned), and you have a recipe for surprise.

 Recent discoveries in warp technology by the war-like Trus have brought the Federation to its borders, though it has yet to achieve a world-spanning government, one of the requirements for Full Federation membership, nevertheless, Starfleet feels a show is in order.

 Will a simple diplomatic mission be just that, or does this have possible consequences for the Tomar and the Federation?

Points and Status (April 2003):

Here are the Standings as of May 1, 2003:

TEN Total Players
NINE Active Players
FIVE out of the NINE active Players posted (44.4% post rate).

CURRENT ACTIVE PLAYERS, rank and current position:

1) Rear Admiral Marcus Shepherd, Commanding Officer, USS Tomar, NCC-2814-D
2) Commander Malachi Emmett, Executive Officer, USS Tomar, NCC-2814-D
3) Commander William Patton, M.D., Chief Medical Officer/Second Officer, USS Tomar, NCC-2814-D
4) Lt. Commander Josh Stalker, Chief Conn Officer, USS Tomar, NCC-2814-D
5) Lieutenant Catherine McKenzie, Chief Tactical Officer, USS Tomar, NCC-2814-D
6) Lieutenant Daniel Zandusky, Chief Engineer, USS Tomar, NCC-2814-D
7) 1st Lieutenant Mazlar, Marine Commanding Officer, USS Tomar, NCC-2814-D
8) Lieutenant, j.g. Raven Phoenix, Chief of Security, USS Tomar, NCC-2814-D
9) Lieutenant, j.g. Alex Selar, Chief of Strategic Operations, USS Tomar, NCC-2814-D
10) Ensign Ashleigh Hopkins, Senior Intelligence Officer, USS Tomar, NCC-2814-D

April 2003:

(For a definition and decription of the Tomar's posting policies, please go to the Official Policy Page.)

Name Current Rank Total Posts Points Earned Total Points
Points to
Next Advancement
Marcus Shepherd Rear Admiral 2 30 10607 15000 *
Malachi Emmett Commander 0 0 3849 6000 *
William Patton Commander 1 15 3261 6000 *
Josh Stalker Lieutenant Commander 1 15 1871 2000
Charles Langford Captain (1) 0 0 1145 1700
Catherine McKenzie Lieutenant 0 0 1671 1700
Trovon Trysari Captain (2) 0 0 1320 1700
Daniel Zandusky Lieutenant 0 0 1100 1700
Mazlar 1st Lieutenant (3) 0 0 600 1100
Raven Phoenix Lieutenant, j.g. 3 45 645 1100
Alex Selar Lieutenant, j.g. 0 0 600 1100
Ashleigh Hopkins Ensign 2 30 350 600
Wes Bay Crewman's Apprentice 0 0 15 100

Note (1): If an * is next to the number of points needed to advance in rank, then that means that in addition to the approval of the Tomar's Admin staff, the approval of the Bravo Fleet Admiralty is required before the rank can actually be awarded.

Note (2): If a name is in red, then that character is no longer on the ship, and are included here for continuity's sake.

Note (3): If a name is in blue, then that character is on an approved LOA.

Military Organization

Original Rank Starfleet Equivilent
(1) SF Marine Corp. Captain Lieutenant
(2) Tal Shiar Captain Lieutenant
(3) SF Marine Corp. 1st Lieutenant Lieutenant, j.g.


Awards Received


Award Received
     Character Awards
None Received this Cycle

     SIMM Awards

None Received this Cycle
     Player Awards
None Received this Cycle


Approved Leave of Absence List


LOA Status
Malachi Emmett LONG-TERM LOA


Missing in Action (MIA) List


MIA Status
Charles Langford MIA - No Contact
Trovon Trysari MIA - No Contact

LOA Policy:

Don't be afraid to ask for an LOA if you really need one, or if you know you're going to be going away. I'm not going to bite your head off, in fact, most of the time, I'm going to ok it (9 out of 10). It saves me the headaches of wondering where you are, and also helps so that you don't lose points, or get removed during surprise AUDITS.

You need to get in contact with me if you can't post as soon as you are able to post again, or even better, before, use somebody elses email if need be, put please, get in touch with me or one of the other AGMs and let us know. If I don't hear from you, I'm going to consider you MIA, and you'll be removed from the SIMM after so many cycles. If you want to leave the simm, please drop me a note and let me know, otherwise, if I remove players from the SIMM, I have to notify BFJAG, which can cause repercussions on you if you run other characters in BF. Please, be considerate, Thanks.

Federation Times:

Please keep reading the Federation Times ( to keep up on what else is going on in BF and Starfleet. Stories here may have some impact on what happens in our SIMM.

Bravo Fleet News:

March 23, 2003 - Bravo Fleet supports all troops now in combat in Iraq. Whether you support the war or the reasons behind it, or you do not, please prey for and think about the men and women engaged in combat, and that they will return home safely. As well as the innocent civilians. With members in each of this countries, BF hopes for a short successful war.

May 28, 2002 - from Fleet Admiral Mike Bremer, CO of Bravo Fleet: I want to thank everyone that's taking the time to vote for BF, pushing us to the top of many lists and getting BF many new members. In the last 24 hours we have received no less then 22 apps, that's up 110% from an average day. BF's record is 47 apps in a day, I'd love to break that! So, I'm asking you all to keep voting. Even if you just have a few minutes, vote for at least the top lists marked 'Priority One' TSLs.

And, by the way, Bravo Fleet's been named in "Who's Who on the Web" 5th anniversery edition. The BFHQ joins sites like,,,!! I think that's just awsome! From what they told me when the email notification that came in, BF's the ONLY Star Trek RPG listed! :)

Keep up the great work and showing your pride in Bravo Fleet!!

Admin Staff Contact Information:

Brian: (LOA as of May 21st, 2003)


None this issue, maybe next issue. Send any comments to

Interesting Real-World Newstories:

Nerf Day at Wizards of the Coast - From the March 7, 2003 print edition of the Puget Sound Business Journal (Seattle)

If you have any news stories you want everyone to know about, please email them to me (,
and as I will include them in the next newsletter if they are appropriate (age-wise, Remember, this is a PG-13 SIMM).

Interesting Links:

If you have any interesting links that you want everyone to know about, please email them to me (,
and as I will include them in the next newsletter if they are appropriate (age-wise, Remember, this is a PG-13 SIMM).

Interesting Quotes:

None this month. If you have any that are appropriate, email them to me ( to be included here.

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Well, that's all for now, talk to you soon, and thanks for posting,

and helping to make the Tomar the best BF SIMM here.