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All biographies are the personal property of their authors. Please ask their permssion before using any information contained in them. Thank You. -C.J. LeBlanc, GM, USS Tomar SIM

See the Available Posistions for a listing of open posistions. Please read the Tomar SIM Manual, and follow the instructions. The GM and/or AGM(s) will get back to you and let you know if the position is still available and promp for more information if needed. Thanks.

Name Rank Position Species Sex Hail
Civilian 4-Forward Lounge Manager Species Sex
Civilian Bartender Species Sex
Civilian Schoolteacher Species Sex
Civilian Scientist Species Sex


NPC Non-Player Character (Anyone can interact without permission).
PPC Partial Player Character (Please do not use these character's significantly without permission of the creator, who's email is located on the Star Fleet Delta image to the Far right of the name).

The pips graphics on this page where created by Steven Marriott, for the Tango Fleet PBE-RPG. Please do not copy these images. If you wish to obtain a copy simply go to the Tango Fleet Website, and the Ranks Page. Hear you will find info regarding the Pips. Steven will happily pass along the files freely to anyone who takes the time to ask him for there use.