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Welcome to the USS Tomar online SIM

This is the website of the USS Tomar, NCC-2814-C, a Federation Saber-class Frigate/Escort shihp.  To your left, you will find a navigation bar that will let you go to different parts of the web site.  Take a look around.  If you are interested in joining, please contact the GM, or one of the AGMs.

Side view of Saber-class starship Top view of Saber-class starship
Mission 4: A New Beginning (part 1)
After a harrowing return from the past, the Tomar is due some rest and relaxation, but, it's not in the cards. After getting the Tomar to her new home: Avalon Fleet Yards, the crew barely begin to relax when a stange ship docks, and even more stranger, George is back, and he's increased in power.

With the Tomar in for repairs, her crew is temporarily reassigned to the Kep Salu, an old Constitution-class starship, PRE-refit. It looks like it could come out of Captain Pike's days. Even the technology is old, even though it slowly being upgraded. But, some 24th century technology has been retrofitted onto and into the Kep Salu.

With the Kep Salu the only operational ship available, the Tomar crew goes aboard, and makes their way towards Union Space, to establish formal diplomatic ties between Union and the Federation.

What starts out though as a simple diplomatic mission quickly becomes something else.

The USS Tomar is a Star Trek email SIM that takes place in 2377.

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