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Federation Frigate Tomar
Player Application Form

  1. All Player Candidates must review the Posting Policies Page, and read all links off of that page. New players will attend the Bravo Fleet Academy Cadet class to learn rules, posting formats, and playing tips. Failure to follow the game's rules could mean removal from the game and your name (including what you did to be removed) added to the Bad Boy List (BBL) so all COs know not to add you to their simms.
  2. Make sure you choose a primary and alternate positions choice from the list of available positions.
  3. To be fair to all players, remember the rule, each player is limited to 5 characters in Bravo Fleet and 1 per ship. Remember, this is a game, so let's give everyone a turn.
  4. Fill out this application completely and include a COMPLETE email address. Remember, a good application is the key to selection.
  5. Not sure what a position's duties entail? Read up on it in the Positions Description List.

(This is an Email RPG, No hidden or additional charges, It's FREE! No additional Software required, just an Email Account! Please be advised, the Tomar SIMM and Bravo Fleet adheres to the USA's Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998. Also, the Tomar SIMM currently uses the Bravo Fleet Privacy Policy, please review this for further information.)

Your Information  
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How long have you been simming:
List all Role-Playing Games that you have experience playing (this includes rpg's like Star Trek, Dungeons & Dragons, Paranoia, Gamma World, etc.), and how long you have been playing each of those games:
All together, how long have you been playing RPGs:
Will you follow ALL Bravo Fleet
Rules and Guidelines:

Position Desired (Desired Positions
MUST be available, see Available List)

First Choice:
Second Choice:
Third Choice:
Character Information  
Character's Name:
Character's Age:
Character's Date of Birth:
Character's Maritial Status:
Character's Height:
Character's Weight:
Character's Eye Color:
Character's Hair Color:
Character's Species (Choose a species from the Available Species list ONLY):
Character's Gender:
Character's Place of Birth:
Languages Known by Character:
Character's Interests:
Character's Education:
Character's Service Record (DO NOT INLCUDE RANKS):
Character's Background:
Character's Personality Profile:
Any Special Notes about Character:
Sample Post  
Please reply to the situation below with you in the same position as your first desired position:

It's 0330 hours and you are asleep in your quarters. The room's dark, quiet, and you're in the middle of a great dream...when suddenly you hear the ship's alarm and over the comm system someone say, 'Red Alert!'

Additional Information  
If there is anything else you would like us to know when we consider your application, please use this space.
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This form is a modified version of the Bravo Fleet Player Application Form, and is used with permission.