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Command Structure

The following list shows the order of Command on board the USS Tomar, NCC-2814-C, a Saber-class Frigate.  In any instance where the Commanding Officer is not available, then the next person on the list is in command, except in occasions where the Commander-of-Record places an officer in nominal command of the ship, then that officer must retain command of the vessel until such time as relieved by the Commander-of-Record. In a case of this, only an order by the Commander-in-Chief of Starfleet, Commander-in-Chief of the Fleet in which the vessel is serving under, the Task Force Commanding Officer or the Task Group Commanding Officer may reverse the Commander-of-Recordís decision, and such reversal must be supported by written orders and evidence to show that the person being removed is not able to maintain command of the vessel.

Commodore Marcus Shepherd, Commanding Officer
Low Colonel Ml'Torca, Executive Officer
Commander William Patton, Second Officer/Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant Commander Kirsten Doughty, Chief Engineer (NPC)
Lieutenant Commander Josh Stalker, Chief Conn Officer
Lieutenant Commander Hinagata Asaka, Strategic Operations Officer (NPC)
Lieutenant Commander John Hopkinton, Senior Temporal Affairs Officer (NPC)
Brevet Major Saladin Bolivar, Chief of Security/Tactical
Lieutenant Dionysis Lamont, Chief Science Officer
Lieutenant Mark Jennings, Chief Operations Officer
Lieutenant Sakulta, Senior Intelligence Officer (NPC)
Lieutenant Soteth, Chief Counselor (NPC)
Lieutenant Marilyn Gordwin, Senior JAG Officer (NPC)

After this point, the most senior officer on the vessel who has completed the Bridge Officerís exam is in Command, and continues down the manifest until the last officer is gone. At this point, the highest ranked officer who has not completed the Bridge Officerís exam is in command, and the command structure goes down the line until there are no more officers left.

When the ship is out of officers, the Command Structure changes to the following:

Master Chief Petty Officer Ian St. Lucent, Chief of the Boat (NPC)
Senior Chief Petty Officer Merl, Quartermaster (NPC)
Chief Warrant Officer Cardrev, Master-at-Arms (NPC)
Senior Chief Petty Officer Torquin Torul, Engineerís Mate (NPC)
Senior Chief Petty Officer, Gunnerís Mate (NPC)

After the previous listed officers are eliminated, then the Highest Ranked Non-Commissioned Officer (Seniority driven) would be in command, until there are no more NCOs left. After all the NCOís have been eliminated, then the Highest Ranked Enlisted Man (Seniority driven) is in command. And the command structure continues until all fleet personnel are eliminated.

At this point, once all Starfleet personnel have been eliminated, then the highest ranked Marine Officer is to take command.   And the command structure follows the Marine Companyís structure:

1st Lieutenant Sha'r'kan Raziel, Marine Company Commanding Officer (NPC)
2nd Lieutenant Lucius Aurelius Crassus , Marine Company Operations Officer (NPC)
Sergeant Major Belan Sinar, Marine Platoon Sergeant (NPC)
Chief Warrant Officer 2nd Class Corilad, Marine Xeno-Tech/Alien Cultural Specialist (NPC)
Chief Warrant Officer Savern, Marine Heavy Weapons Specialst (NPC)
Master Sergeant Miguel Sanchez, Marine CounterIntelligence/Assassination Specialist (NPC)
Corporal Alan Jones, Marine Medic (NPC)
Corporal Sopre Tuvin, Marine Intelligence/Linguistics Specialist (NPC)
Corporal Norman Benson, Marine Rifleman (NPC)
Lance Corporal Mark Gill, Marine Communications Specialist (NPC)
Lance Corporal Agdar, Marine Demolition Specialist (NPC)
Private 1st Class Patrick O'Malley, Marine Rifleman (NPC)
Private 1st Class Sam Dempsey, Marine Rifleman (NPC)
Private Paul Gregory, Marine Rifleman (NPC)

Civilian control of a Starfleet vessel should only be allowed when there are no available Starfleet or Marine personnel.