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Name: Colleen McCarthy
Terran Age: 250
Date of Birth: April 30, 2126
Marital Status: Widowed x2
Height 5' 4" ( m)
Weight: 100 lbs ( kg)
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Species: El-Aurian
Current Rank: Vice-Admiral

Place of Birth: El-Aurian Homeworld
Languages: El-Aurian, Federation Standard, Vulcan, Klingon, Andorian, Tellarite, Nausican, Dopterian, German, Russian, French, Miradorn, Garvik, Jendarian, Vorta, Bajoran, Cardassian, Kzinti
Interests: Borg Tactical Data, Zero-G Tennis, A-G racing, El-Aurian Music, Russian literature, Bajoran literature, Bajoran sports, Stellar Cartography, El-Aurian History & Culture, Vulcan History, Klingon opera, 21st Century Earth History

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2143-2153 University of El-Aura
     -Ph.D in Psychology
2330-2334 Star Fleet Academy
     -Majored in Engineering

Service Record:
2334-2338 Lieutenant, j.g., Engineering Officer - USS Excelsior
2338-2344 Lieutenant, Academy Instructor - Starfleet Academy, Earth
2344-2346 Lieutenant, Engineer - USS Hill
2346-2351 Lt. Commander, Asst. Chief Engineer - USS Wright
2351-2353 Lt. Commander, Chief Engineer - USS Uhura
2353-2356 Commander, Engineering Division Head - Salazaar Ship Yards
2356-2358 Commander, Chief Engineer - USS Orion
2356-2358 Commander, Chief Engineer - USS Orion
2358-2361 Commander, Chief Engineer/Second Officer - USS Orion
2361-2364 Commander, First Officer - USS Orion
2364-2365 Commander, Commanding Officer - USS Orion
2365-2371 Captain, Commanding Officer - USS Orion
2371-2372 Captain, Commanding Officer - USS Rollings, NX-34576
2372-2373 Captain, Commanding Officer - USS Orion
2373-2374 Commodore, Commanding Officer - USS Orion
2374-2375 Commodore, Asst. to the Chief - Starfleet Office of Logistics
2375-2376 Rear Admiral, Deputy Chief - Starfleet Office of Logistics
2376-present Vice-Admiral, Deputy Chief - Starfleet Office of Logistics


Colleen McCarthy, on El-Aurian homeworld

Colleen was born April 30, 2126, on the El-Aurian homeworld. She went to university, and studied Psychology. It was at university where she met her first husband, Dorsarn. He was studying Spatial Navigational Theory. They were married at the age of 19, and eventually had two children. Colleen and her family were happy and content. Her husband rose steadily in the El-Aurian military, to the rank of Captain. In 2265, the Borg came. Dorsarn was commanding one of the ships that attempted to defend the El-Aurians against the Borg. Thankfully, his ship was destroyed. Her children, Mikhail, 17, and Dana, 12, were also killed by the Borg. Colleen was able to escape, but, not until after watching her sister and brother assimilated into the Collective.

Colleen was not on the Lakul when that ship entered the Nexus. She came to Earth on a different transport ship, the Martarn, 10 years after the Enterprise-B rescued the survivors of the Lakul. She traveled around the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, seeking out new knowledge and adventure, and recovering from the loss of her husband and children. She eventually found some solace in Starfleet Academy.Colleen entered Starfleet Academy at the age of 204. Being the oldest in her class, but looking at about age 18 in human years, she didn't make her true age public to many of her fellow cadets. Her life experience helped her in her studies while their, and she graduated with honors, and the rank of Lieutenant, junior grade. She also found herself assigned to the USS Excelsior as an Engineering Officer.

Colleen stayed on the Excelsior for 4 years, and left that ship as a full Lieutenant, and headed to Earth, where she taught at the Academy for 6 years. She put in for re-assignment after teaching, she found she had a yearning for space and the great wide dark. Starfleet saw fit to grant her request and sent her to the USS Hill, a Miranda-class scout ship patroling the Federation-Kzinti border. It was on the Hill that Colleen met Galdrin Corus McCarthy, another El-Aurian survivor of the Borg, 120 years her junior, and a Science Officer. They maintained a friendship over many years and over long distances.

Colleen was transfered to the USS Wright as her Assistant Chief Engineer. She stayed on the Wright for 5 years, earning the respect and admriation of her crewmates and her Captain. When a position opened on the USS Uhura for a Chief Engineer, Colleen's Captain gave her a strong recomendation. A week later, Colleen found herself transfered to the Uhura.

Colleen stayed on the Uhura for 2 years. She was transfered to the Salazaar Ship Yards in late 2353, with a promotion to the rank of Commander. She stayed at Salazaar for 3 years,. working on upgrades and designing new starships for the Federation. In 2356, she was transfered to the USS Orion as her Chief Engineer. In 2361, she was assigned additional duties as the Orion's Second Officer, along with her Chief Engineer duties.

During a skirmish in 2361, the Executive Officer was killed when a photon torpedo barrage from a Kardek warship hit the Orion. After the battle was over, Capt. Clemmings of the Orion had Colleen assume the duties of XO as "acting" First Officer. For 5 months, Colleen was "acting" First Officer, until Capt. Clemmings received word from Starfleet Command that a new Chief Engineer was available to replace Colleen, and she was promoted to the position of First Officer. Colleen was XO of the Orion until 2364, when, during another battle with the Kardek, during negotiations, Captain Clemmings was killed. Colleen assumed command of the Orion and successfuly defended the ship against the Kardek warship. Colleen stayed in command of the Orion after this incident. Starfleet was not in a rush to change the command structure of the Orion.

Inari McCarthy, age 11

It was also during 2364 that Colleen married Galdrin Corus McCarthy, and, in 2365, they had a daughter, Inari Anastasia McCarthy. Inari has stayed with her mother through out her life, transfering from assignment to assignment with her mother, and visiting her father when ever she could.

In 2365, Colleen was promoted to the rank of Captain. She commanded the Orion until 2371. In 2371, Colleen and the Senior staff of the Orion was transfered to the USS Rollings, NX-34576, a proto-type starship. In 2372, Colleen was transfered back to the Orion with her staff. In 2373, Colleen was promoted to the rank of Commodore.   Colleen stayed in command of the Orion until 2374, when she was transfered to the Starfleet Office of Logistics on Earth.  In 2375, she was promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral, and giving the position of Deputy Chief of Starfleet Logistics.

Life was going good for Colleen, unfortunately, her Love life wasn't so good. Galdrin, now a Captain, and in command of the USS Aldrus, died in 2375, during a Cardassian sneak attack. The Aldrus was lost, all hands aboard dead. Colleen, using her new position as an Admiral, had two ships canvass the area, to check for survivors, unfortunately for Colleen and Inari, there were none.

Personality Profile:
Colleen McCarthy on vacation on Bajor

Colleen is a very down-to-earth type of person. She is pleasant to be around, and, like all El-Aurians, she is a listener.

Colleen has done her best to raise her daughter as an El-Aurian, to be proud of her past heritage, and be strong as the next generation of El-Aurians. Colleen is also a very good mother who dotes on and spoils her daughter, her last surviving relative. Inari is not a typical Starfleet brat though, is is not a brat because her mother spoils her. Inari is a well behaved child, who, like most El-Aurian children, acts wiser than her 11 years.

If Colleen has a weakness, it is in the Borg. Like a great many people who have been affected by them, she would like nothing better than to see that race of cybernetic beings wiped out of the galaxy. Watching her children die and her siblings be assimilated has left Colleen with scars that still effect her, even 111 years later. She still dreams about the day that the Borg came to her world and forced the El-Aurian race to wander the stars. Starfleet Command has done their best to keep her away from potential Borg situations while she was a Captain, and, as the Deputy Chief of Logistics, they have allowed her to use starship design as a way to vent her feelings. Colleen's office is currently supervising 6 new starship designs, 4 of which are warships that are potentially capable of taking on a Borg Cube.

Inari McCarthy, age 11, on vacation on Bajor with her mom

Colleen knows that she has an obsession with the Borg, and has done her best not to pass on that obsession to Inari.

Colleen also loves to travel and go on vacation with her daughter, and, when Colleen is not in her office, her and Inari are usually seen together doing something, from A-G racing to old fashioned star gazing to Zero-G tennis. Inari has also recently begun to share an interest in Bajoran sports with her mother, and has been to Bajor twice with Colleen.

On matters of love, with both of her husbands dead, Colleen has decided not to persue any serious relationship, at least not until Inari is older. Colleen enjoys the time she spends with Inari, and would rather not waste Inari's childhood.

Colleen has also taken a special interest in certain officers, including Commodore Thelv, Fleet Captain Churchill, Capatin Valos, Captain Sheperd, Cmdr. Stratford, Lt. Cmdr. Stone, and Lt. j.g. Belliveau-Niamre, to name just a few. She receives monthly reports on some of the listed officers, and weekly reports on others, including ones not in the list.

Colleen has aspirations, including another promotion within the next 5 years to the rank of Admiral, and a transfer out of Logistics, maybe in to Engineering or some other division, some where where she can continue to see the Federation's progress on removing the Borg threat from the galaxy permenantly.

Special Notes:
Colleen and Guinan are friends. Guinan and Galdrin were blood-kin, and so, that alsomakes Guinan and Inari blood-kin as well.