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Kieran Michael O'Donnell

Name: Kieran Michael O’Donnell
(Kieran, son of Michael, father to the  Lord of the House of Komar)


Terran Age: 29
Date of Birth: 3-27-2350
Marital Status: married
Height: 6 ft. 1 in. 
Weight: 190 lbs.

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Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: brown
Species: Human
Current Rank

Lt. Commander

Sogh la' (SF eq. of Lt. Commander)

Starfleet Marine Corps Place of Birth: South End, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A., Terra
Languages: Federation Standard, Gaelic, Welsh, Klingon, Kzinti, Vulcan, Bajoran, Kinshaya curses
Interests: Horror stories (Human, pre-Surak Vulcan, Klingon, Bajoran), Klingon Culture, Historical Studies (Famous Star Fleet and Klingon commanders), Klingon calisthenics’ holo-programs, Klingon Martial Arts, Tae Kwon Do
Send E-Mail to: Kieran sogh la' (aka Lt. Commander Kieran O'Donnell)

2356 - 2366 South Boston School System, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A., Terra
2366 - 2370

Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, California, U.S.A., Terra
-Major in Engineering
-Minor in Command

2371 - 2372

Starfleet Academy, Intelligence Training School, Moscow, Russia, Terra
-Anti-Terrorism Training
-Intelligence Officer Training, Engineering Specialist
-Intelligence Officer Training, Command School

2377 Federation/Klingon Officer Exchange Program Training

Specialized Training & Skills:

Computer Technology - Federation, Computer Technology - Klingon, Warp Drive Technology - Federation, Warp Drive Technology - Klingon, Klingon Cloaking Systems Technology & Operations, Transporter Technology & Operations - Federation, Transporter Technology & Operations - Klingon, Interrogation Techniques - Federation, Interrogation Techniques - Klingon, Counter-Intelligence Measures, Shuttlecraft Systems Technology - Federation, Shuttlecraft Systems Technology - Klingon, Surveillance Techniques - Federation, Surveillance Techniques - Klingon, Secondary Systems - Borg

Service Record:
2369 (Feb.-May) 3rd Year Engineering Cadet – USS Tylin, NCC-50781, Oberth class starship,
Federation First Fleet, Training Division
2370 - 2371

Ensign, Engineering Officer – USS Republic, NCC-1371-D, Excelsior class starship,
Federation Fifth Fleet, Task Group Baker

2372 - 2373

Ensign, Engineering Officer – USS Prokofiev, NCC-68814, Andromeda class starship,
Federation Eighth Fleet, Task Group 2

2373 (May 12-18)

Ensign, Engineering Officer – USS Manchester, NCC-35855, Steamrunner class starship,
Federation Ninth Fleet, Task Group 12

2373 - 2374 Ensign (Starfleet rank), Engineer - IKC SuDqul, House of Komar Vor’cha class attack cruiser
2374 - 2375

Sogh (Field Promotion; SF eq.: Lieutenant), Assistant Chief Engineer - IKC SuDqul,
House of Komar Vor’cha class attack cruiser

2375 - 2376 (Aug 5)

Sogh (Field Promotion; SF eq.: Lieutenant), Chief Engineer - IKC SuDqul,
House of Komar Vor’cha class attack cruiser

2376 - 2377

Lieutenant Commander, Chief Strategic Operations Officer - USS Vincent, NCC-72854, Galaxy class starship, Federation Fifteenth Fleet

2377 Sogh la' (SF eq.: Lt. Commander), Chief Engineer - IKC SuDqul, Vor'cha class attack cruiser of the House of Komar
2377 Sogh la' (SF eq.: Lt. Commander), Mission Specialist - Klingon Intelligence
2377 - 2378 Sogh la' (SF eq.: Lt. Commander), Gunnery Commander/Imperial Intelligence Mission Specialist - IKS Hegh leng, Federation Fourth Fleet, Task Force 44, Task Group 4 (Qu'ghom loS)
2378 Sogh la' (SF eq.: Lt. Commander), Senior Intelligence Officer - IKS Hegh leng,
Federation Fourth Fleet, Task Force 44
, Task Group 4 (Qu'ghom loS)
2378 Sogh la' (SF eq.: Lt. Commander), Senior Intelligence Officer - IKS S'ten Hathos,
Federation Fourth Fleet, Task Force 44
, Task Group 4 (Qu'ghom loS)
2378 Sogh la' (SF eq.: Lt. Commander), Commanding Officer - IKS S'ten Hathos,
Federation Fourth Fleet, Task Force 44
, Task Group 4 (Qu'ghom loS)
2378 - 2379 Sogh la' (SF eq.: Lt. Commander), Senior Intelligence Officer - IKS Hegh leng,
Federation Fourth Fleet, Task Force 44
, Task Group 4 (Qu'ghom loS)
2379 Sogh la' (SF eq.: Lt. Commander), Senior Intelligence Officer - Klach d'kel Brakt,
Federation Fourth Fleet, Task Force 44, Task Group Delta
, Task Group 4 (Qu'ghom loS)
2379 Sogh la' (SF eq.: Lt. Commander), Imperial Intelligence Operations Master - Klach d'kel Brakt,
Federation Fourth Fleet, Task Force 44. Task Group Delta
, Task Group 4 (Qu'ghom loS)
2379 Sogh la' (SF eq.: Lt. Commander), Leave of Absence on Q'onos
2380 Lieutenant Commander, Chief Engineer, Hawkeye Island, 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force HQ,
Federation Fourth Fleet, Task Force 63, 27th Marine Element

2372 Star Fleet Commendation for Valor- Captain Simons, USS Prokofiev, NCC-68814
2373 Star Fleet Commendation for Service Above the Call of Duty- Captain Simons, USS Prokofiev, NCC-68814
2374 Klingon Empire Citation for Valor- Captain Komar, IKC SuDqul
2374 Klingon Empire, Klingon Defense Force Field Promotion to (Brevet) Lieutenant- Captain Komar, IKC SuDqul
2375 Klingon Empire Citation for Honorable Service to the Empire-  Captain Komar, IKC SuDqul
2376 Klingon Empire Citation for Honorable Service to the Empire- Captain Komar, IKC SuDqul- General Dar’mag, 12th Klingon Task Force


Kieran was born on 17 March 2350 in South Boston to Michael Liam O’Donnell, a Senior Engineer at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, and Rhiannon Bronwyn Kierans, a Professor of 21st Century History at Harvard University.  Kieran has a older brother, Liam, (born 07/05/2348), who is now a Senior Researcher at the Memory Alpha Research Foundation on Memory Alpha, and a younger sister, Meghan (05/19/2353), a doctoral candidate at the Daystrom Institute, who is currently researching the origins of the Planet killers, and their relationship to the Borg.  Kieran and his sibs grew up in the relative security and the closeness of South Boston, surrounded by family and friends. 

Kieran was a good student in the South Boston school system, his teachers pushing him towards engineering once they realized that he had a natural knack for it.  He would also accompany his father to Utopia Planitia when ever school vacations allowed, getting tours of unfinished ships, and ships in for repairs, and even helping his father out with actual work whenever he could.

At 16, Kieran applied for and was accepted into the early admissions program at Star Fleet Academy.  He went into Engineering School and applied and went to Command School as well.  Besides studying engineering, he also took language and culture courses in Klingon, Kzinti, Vulcan, and Bajoran.  Kieran also developed some friendships, including fellow engineering cadet Molly Smithe, science cadet Pavel Vladimir Maikov, and security cadet Jamie Stieger.  The four of them were very close throughout their four years at the Academy.  They were assigned to the same team, and performed in many of the same training missions.  The four of them did their cadet cruise together during their 3rd year of Academy, 3 months aboard the U.S.S. Tylin, an Oberth class starship that was assigned to train cadets before they were assigned to starships.  They roomed together, and worked on Alpha shift together as cadet department heads.  It was a great experience, and they returned to Star Fleet Academy in good spirits.  During a shore leave on a frontier world of the Federation, Kieran and Molly both got data ports surgically inserted into the base of their skulls, allowing them to directly interface with a computer system.

After the Academy, all four were assigned to the U.S.S. Republic.  Kieran stayed on the Republic for about a year with his friends before being offered a chance to go to Star Fleet Intelligence Training back on Earth.  Kieran jumped aboard a transport at Starbase Earhart and arrived on Earth 2 days later.

Kieran spent a year at Star Fleet Intelligence Training School in Moscow, Russia, learning infiltration techniques, and taking other courses as well, in command techniques, engineering systems, and in Anti-Terrorism training.  While there, Kieran was able to meet Tuvok, before Voyager was sent to the Delta Quadrant.  Tuvok lectured at the SFI facility for a week on infiltration techniques, and Kieran was able to meet with him afterwards for lunch, and discussed various styles and techniques.  When Voyager was initially presumed lost, Kieran was saddened, because he had hoped to work with the Vulcan someday.  Kieran persevered and graduated at the top of his class.  After, he was assigned to the USS Prokofiev, to help dismantle the Marquis threat.  Kieran was a model officer, and earned two commendations from Captain Simons for valiant service in dealing with the Marquis.  After the Dominion entered, and joined forces with the Cardassians, and wiped out the Marquis, the Prokofiev was reassigned to the front line.  Kieran stayed on the Prokofiev for another couple of months, until May 12th, when he was transferred to the USS Manchester, NCC-35855, one of the Steamrunner class vessels.  Kieran was on the Manchester when she was destroyed by Cardassian vessels on May 18, 2373, about 20 light years from Federation space, just outside the old Federation/Cardassian DMZ.  Kieran just made it to an escape pod, the only survivor of the Manchester.

After a week of being alone in the escape pod, Kieran was rescued by the IKC SuDqul, on a classified mission for the Klingon Empire.  Komar HoD (Captain)  reviewed what the Imperial Database had on Ensign O’Donnell, and explained to Kieran that the SuDqul was on a classified mission, and were required to maintain strict radio silence until their returned to Qo’noS, and that they could not return Kieran to the Federation, nor let anyone now that he was even alive.  Komar offered Kieran a place on the SuDqul until the mission was over.  Kieran accepted and joined the SuDqul as an engineer, and began his career in the Klingon Defense Force.

The SuDqul returned from it’s mission in late August 2373.  By this time, Kieran was wearing the uniform of a Klingon Engineer, and had discarded his Starfleet uniform.  He had acclimated himself to living with his new shipmates, eating Klingon food, speaking in Klingon, and even beginning to think in Klingon.  He worked hard to make himself accepted by the other Klingons on the ship, to the point of even following Klingon rituals. He began to assimilate Klingon culture into his life, it complimented his personality quite well.  He learned how to use a bat’leth, a d’ktahg, and a mek’leth, along with other Klingon weapons.  Even after the SuDqul returned, Kieran did not return to the Federation, it seemed that Starfleet had forgotten about him.  He wrote to his old friends when he could, but, besides them and his family, he never received any communications from Starfleet.  During this time, the war with the Dominion was in full swing, which helped to explain why there was no communication from Starfleet in regards to Kieran’s status.  Kieran figured that Star Fleet knew where he was, and would find him when they were ready.  He learned how to use a bat’leth, a d’ktahg, and a mek’leth, along with other Klingon weapons.

Kieran continued to work hard on the SuDqul, and, when the Assistant Chief Engineer was killed in a reactor accident during a battle with Jem’Hadar.  After the battle, Kieran was called into Komar’s office, and given a field promotion to the KDF rank of Sogh (Lieutenant) and made the Assistant Chief Engineer, for his superior service to the SuDqul since he arrived on the ship.  Kieran served well as the Assistant Chief Engineer, dealing with problems as needed, and keeping the crew below him in line.  He was respected and well liked by his fellow shipmates.  When the SuDqul made stops at Klingon ports of call, he left ship with his fellow Klingons, and ate and drank with them, and acted like a Klingon.  He fought other Klingons when his personal honor was insulted. 

On May 3rd, 2374, Kieran was brought into the House of Komar as the husband of Komar HoD’s daughter, Aryn, the SuDqul’s Chief Science Officer.  Aryn and Kieran had began their relationship/courtship about 8 months before, and this was the culmination of it.

Kieran served the SuDqul with honor and conviction, and was a loyal officer for Komar HoD, and, while on board, was in command of the SuDqul numerous times, during 3rd shift.  Kieran also commanded the SuDqul during combat against enemies of the Klingon Empire, and had no qualms with doing so, giving orders and taking responsibility with a Klingon mindset.

Kieran also tried on various occasions to contact his family and friends back in the Federation, but, he never received any replies to his messages.  Both Kieran and Komar HoD attempted to determine the cause for this, but were unsuccessful. (Starfleet Command presumed that someone was faking Kieran’s codes and ignored any attempts at contact, and rerouted his communiqués from his family and friends, to prevent any unnecessary heartbreak.  It wasn’t until March of  2376 that Starfleet confirmed that Kieran was alive and working as an Engineer in the Klingon Defense Force, and began the necessary paperwork to return Kieran home.)

Because of Kieran’s efforts, the SuDqul had one of the lowest maintenance rates in the Klingon Fleet.  This process began when he became the Assistant Chief Engineer, and he made sure that the ship was kept in top condition.  Some of Kieran’s techniques have been used on other Klingon vessels, and, after getting over the initial shock of seeing a human in a KDF uniform, most Klingon Engineers have worked with and adapted his techniques to their own ships.

About 2 weeks before Kieran found out that he was being transferred back to the Federation, he began to receive messages from his parents and friends again, who were quite relieved to see him alive and well.  After some initial confusion, Kieran and his family figured out what had happened, and why his messages had never reached their destination

In late July of 2376, The Federation requested through their Ambassador, Worf, that Kieran be returned to Starfleet and the Federation.  The Klingon Defense Force reluctantly agreed, and issued the necessary orders to Kieran.  The SuDqul, being on the far side of the Klingon Empire, about to embark on an exploratory mission, was ordered to return Kieran to Federation space, and, early on August 1st, 2376, arrived at Kieran’s transfer point, Star Base 138, near the Federation/Gorn border.  It was discovered enroute to SB138 from Ty’Gokor that Aryn was finally pregnant with their first child, after trying for 2 years now.  The SuDqul stayed at SB138 until late August 2nd, and then, returned to Klingon space without Kieran.  Kieran and Aryn said their good-byes, and Kieran promised that he would somehow be there for when his child was born.

Kieran transported over to the Starbase after the departure of the SuDqul, and was immediately sent to the Star Base’s medical facility for a full medical and psychological work-up.  It was also at Star Base 138 that Kieran was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander and given his new assignment, Chief Strategic Operations Officer on the USS Vincent.  Kieran was somewhat surprised by his new duties and rank, still expecting to be returned to the rank of Ensign, and began to brush up on his new duties, and to review the files he would need to know for when the Vincent arrived.

Kieran wore his Klingon Defense Force uniform for the first couple of days at SB138, and didn’t change into a Starfleet uniform until he was actually given his promotion and new assignment.  The other Starfleet officers and civilians gave odd looks at Kieran and most gave him a wide berth.  Kieran did have an incident with a security lieutenant from the Star Base staff who wanted him to turn in his Klingon weapons.  Kieran told the security officer that no respectable Klingon warrior would be required to turn over their weapons, even on a Federation station, so, why should he.  The incident came to blows, and the security officer found himself in the Star Base’s infirmary with 5 broken ribs, a fractured left fore arm, and a broken right knee cap, while Kieran was treated for a cut lip.  After a brief investigation by the Star Base’s Internal Affairs office, Kieran was allowed to keep his weapons on him, and was also requested to keep his distance from the officer in question.  No formal charges were brought up against either person.  Kieran was also told that he was back in the Federation now, and would have to modify his behavior accordingly, this was not a Klingon station, and that he wouldn’t get too many chances like he got this time.  Kieran took this advice and pretty much isolated himself while waiting for the Vincent to arrive, only coming out to eat and meet with the Star Base Administration to receive his new position and rank.

When the Vincent arrived, Kieran transported over to his new ship, and settled in the best he could, still missing his wife, and his old companions on the SuDqul.

Kieran served reluctantly on the Vincent, but he never complained about his transfer back to the Federation, making sure that he would not bring any dishonor to his wife's house. While onboard the Vincent though, he made contact with some old friends in SFI and at SF Command, calling in some favors in an attempt to get transfered back to the KDF and Aryn and their unborn child. After three months of efforts, he was able to get transfered back to Earth to go through the Federation/Klingon Exchange Training Program.  At the end of the program, Commander Jamie Stieger, Kieran's friend from his Academy Days, who now worked for the Diplomatic Corp, arranged a surprise for his old friend. Jamie set it up so that Kieran's assignment in the KDF would be back on his father-in-law's ship, and that the SuDqul would be able to pick him up at Earth, and also for his new family to be there at the completion of the training program.

Kieran was quite surprised to see his wife (who was quite pregnant as well), his father-in-law, Komar HoD, and the senior staff of the SuDqul, along with Jamie, Molly and Pavel, and Kieran's extended Earth-based family as well. The ending of the program began a week-long party in South Boston, with Kieran's parents meeting Aryn's father, and the whole neighborhood opened up to welcome home and congratulate Kieran. Aryn and Komar were welcomed into Kieran's family, but in quite a different way than Kieran was welcomed into Aryn's. Friends and family he hadn't seen in years would drop by during the week, and his parents would make space somewhere in the house. Even Komar stayed for two nights at Kieran's parent's home, so as not to bring Kieran any dishonor in front of his family. Even Kieran's brother and sister came home to meet their sister-in-law.

Eventually, the party did end, and Kieran departed his family home yet again, this time in the uniform of a Klingon Engineer with the KDF rank of Soghla', which was the equivilant to his Lt. Commander rank in Starfleet. He was officially transfered to the KDF as part of the Exchange Program.

Kieran brought the Engineering Department on the SuDqul back up to his exacting standards in no time.

After a month on the SuDqul, Aryn gave birth to their first child, a son, born March 2377. He was given two names:

Klingon Name: Goibhnie, son of Kieran, of the House of Komar
Human Name: Goibhnie Saemus O'Donnell

Everything was going well for Kieran, until the SuDqul was assigned a new mission in the middle of a patrol run of Klingon/C'hakilian border. The SuDqul was sent to gather intelligence inside C'hakilian space.

Goibhnie, just 5 months old, was in Kieran and Aryn's quarters when the event happened, just barely out of Klingon space. A C'hakilian warship came out of the SuDqul's blind spot and attacked the ship before it was able to decloak. 1/3 of the crew were killed in the first strike, and the ship took heavy damage. Kieran did what he could to keep the weapons on-line, and the SuDqul got a few good shots off, but the C'hakilians had the advantage in this battle. The SuDqul was severely damaged, but not destroyed. But, there was not much left to salvage. By the end of the battle, there were only 4 pockets of air in the entire ship, and only 12 members of the crew still alive, but only 3 were still on board the remains of the SuDqul. Kieran was one of them. Komar HoD was dead, along with the rest of the senior staff, except for Kieran and Aryn. Aryn had been in their quarters with Goibhnie when the SuDqul was attacked. Aryn and Goibhnie though were not on the ship, they had been taken along with 7 others of those who remained alive, supposedly taken by the C'hakilians.

Kieran, and the other two klingons were found a few days later, slightly dehydrated by the IKV Kaval, a B'rel-class Bird of Prey. They were brought to a Klingon starbase and debriefed.

Since then, Kieran has been working with Klingon Intelligence to help find his missing wife and child, and the other members of the SuDqul.

Until a few weeks ago, it was assumed that the C'hakilians had kidnapped nine of the 12 survivors, but, recent intelligence has determined that the C'hakilian warship left the area at the approach of 2 additional Vor'cha-class cruisers. After scanning the heavily damaged SuDqul, the lead Vor'cha fired torpedoes into the hulk that was the SuDqul, rendering it unsalvageable, and transported the nine members of the crew that could be rescued.

After being rescued, Kieran was assigned to Klingon Intelligence, and for the next year, was trained in Klingon Intel techniques and how to use the standard Imperial Intelligence work kit (i.e., agonizer, pain sticks, computer programs, etc). He was assigned numerous field missions inside and outside of Klingon space.

He was eventually assigned to the IKS Hegh leng, a B'rel-class bird of prey, commanded by K'rahl la' of the House of K'brd'Lok, and assigned to the job of acting Gunnery Officer while he was there looking for members of the House of Lovtal, who were suspected in being instrumental in his family's demise. Kieran's first mission on the Hegh leng was a hastily arranged diner at the K'brd'Lok estate prior to their mission: an engagement with the Borg. On that mission, he was able to successfully interface with the Borg ship and implant a virus that caused some havoc for a brief period of time, allowing the away teams from the Hegh leng to succeed in their mission.

After returning to Avalon Fleet Yards right before the evacuation of said base due to the C'hakilian War, the Hegh leng blows up. Sabotage is assumed. Kieran meets 4th year cadet Patrick Flynn while trying to get a computer with an encryption/decryption module on AFY during the evacuation. He then "aquired" Flynn and brought him aboard the S'ten Hathos (a stolen Romulan B-o-P), also under K'rahl HoD's command. Flynn wasn't happy, but he has since grown in his role as a Science Officer/Intel Officer under Kieran's tutalage. Instead of heading to kaleb IV with the rest of the fleet from AFY, K'rahl and crew went to the klingon starbase Klach d'kel Brakt.


Personality Profile:

Kieran is a hard working individual who will do what it takes to get a job done.

Kieran has also lived with Klingons for the past 2 years, and as such, has assimilated much of their culture and customs, including honor and loyalty to house and family.  He is fiercely protective of his wife and wishes that she was with him and not on the SuDqul.  He is also extremely loyal to the House of Komar, and will do what it takes to protect his new family, as well as his old family back on Earth.  He is also loyal to his shipmates on the SuDqul, and to his non-Klingon friends as well.

Kieran has enjoyed being a father so far, but does worry that his son will grow up to a hard life onboard a Klingon vessel. With Goibhnie and Aryn kidnapped by the C'hakilians, Kieran is relentless in searching for them, to the point where KI have included Kieran in their planning. Recent intelligence has shown that Aryn and Goibhnie and the other seven are being held, but not by the C'hakilians. A rival branch of the House of Komar: the House of Lovtal, whom are consindered renegades, but have friends on the High Council and whose sons were in command of the two Vor'cha's, held Aryn and Goibhnie, the last 2 members of the House of Komar.

With Kieran on Q'onoS working for Klingon Intelligence, word has finally reached him that his wife and son are very much alive.

Special Notes:

Kieran has a data port installed in the base of his skull. He has had this since the age of 18. This allows Kieran to connect to computers and perform computer operations without physically inputting data.

Kieran feels weird being the Head of a Klingon House, even a minor one such as the House of Komar. Being a human adopted into Klingon culture and social structures, he sometimes tends to act "overly" klingon, to play down his human half, esp. around other klingons.

Counselor’s Report

Lt., Jg. Monique Dutourd

Counselor, Star Base 138

August 4th, 2376

Lieutenant Commander Kieran O’Donnell was ordered to undergo Psychological evaluation to determine his psychological condition after serving a prolonged tour of duty in the Klingon Defense Force.  After meeting with Kieran for the duration of his stay at Star Base 138, it is this Counselor’s recommendation that Kieran continue to work with the Counseling Department on the USS Vincent to help him re-assimilate to Terran Culture and Terran norms.

Kieran was able to successfully assimilate into the Klingon culture on board the IKC SuDqul, and live a successful and normal life style in Klingon fashion.  This success can be partially attributed to Kieran’s early life growing up.  Kieran was brought up with strong ideas of loyalty and personal and family honor, and these ideas and customs transferred easily to Klingon culture, which made it easy for Kieran to adjust.

It is this Counselor’s diagnosis that Kieran, even though he has adjusted normally to Klingon culture, has been and is still currently suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (309.81), along with Acute Stress Disorder (308.3), which was caused by Kieran being the only survivor of the USS Manchester disaster.  There is also a possibility of Kieran having developed an Adjustment Disorder with Disturbance of Conduct (309.3).  Follow up treatment should include working on these issues, and assisting Kieran with returning to Human culture and social norms.