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Specialist Melak Mureik Name: Melak Mureik The Alliance (Klingon/Cardassian/Bajoran)
Terran Age: 29
Date of Birth: October 27, 2348
Marital Status: Single
Height 6' 1" (1.85 m)
Weight: 175 lbs (79.38 kg) Terran Empire
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: brown
Species: 1/2 Zeon & 1/2 Human
Current Rank: Specialist (Zeon Military)

Place of Birth: Daras City, Zeon, Zeon Prefecture
Languages: Zeon, Ekosian, Standard, Klingon, Bajoran, Cardassian
Interests: Military Strategies, Zeon History, cooking, reading, Martial Arts (Vulcan, Zeon), Alliance History, Imperial History

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2351-2362 Zeon Unified School System, School 482, Daras City, Zeon
2362-2366 Zeon Military Academy
     - Advanced Training in:
          - Infiltration
          - Intelligence/CounterIntelligence
          - Assassination
          - Special Weapons/Technology

Service Record:
2366-2369 Fifth Specialist, Security Officer - Zeon Military Vessel Enoth
2369-2371 Fourth Specialist, Senior Security Officer - Zeon Military Vessel Suthar
2371-2373 Second Specialist, Team Executive - Infiltration Team
2373-2375 First Specialist, Team Leader - Intelligence/Counter-Intelligence Team
2375-2376 Specialist, Assassin - Classified Missions
2376-2377 Specialist, Weapons/Technology Specialist - Incursion Team Alpha 350
2377-present Medical Leave due to faulty kidneys, and faulty liver

2366 Top of Graduating Class, promotion to Specialist
2368 Zeon Prefect Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry
     -for service above and beyond the call of duty
2374 Medal of Honor
     -Assigned for stealling Alliance spacecraft to infiltrate Cardassian space and destroy Alliance shipyard

Melak was born in Daras City, on the world of Zeon, in the Zeon Prefecture, a small area of space that never allowed either the Empire or the Alliance much entance into their space. Zeon ships were strong enough to stop any Empire ships, and the Alliance left them alone, knowing what the Empire had gone up against historically.

Melak's father was a member of a Terran trading vessel, who, while on leave, met Aurelia Mureik, and forced himself upon her. He never made it back to the freighter. Aurelia's father was a high ranking member of the Zeon Security Force, and the crewman was arrested, and after a very brief inquistion/trial, he was found guilty of rape, and executed. Within five days of the incident, Aurelia never thought of Tom Shepherd again.

About a month after Tom was executed, Aurelia found out she was pregnant with Melak. She decided to have him, and her father was quite supportive. When Melak was born, he was welcomed into the family as a full-fledged member, and not a half-breed.

Aurelia married a few years after Melak was born, and in 2354, Sothus, his younger brother, was born. And in 260, Jess was born. Once she could walk, she became Melak's shadow.

Melak left for the Zeon Military Academy 2362, his sister crying as he left. It was on that day that she decided to follow him.

Melak was trained to be an assassin, and his superiors were quite pleased with his skills. Besides  assassination training, Melak was also trained in Infiltration techniques, Intelligence & Counter-Intelligence training, and in Special Weapons and Technology (non-Prefecture technology).

Melak's adoptive father (Enog) treated Melak as his own son, most of the time, but was abusive towards him as well. He was especially jealous of Melak's relationship with his sister, who had a closer relationship with Melak than she did with her own father, who was closer to Sothus, as his first-born natural son.

Sothus was also jealous of his half-brother's relationship with their mother and sister. But, there was nothing they could do except to plot and wait.

Melak eventually killed Enog, and severly wounded Sothus. Aurelia banished Sothus from the house at that point.

Marcus graduated from the Academy in 2366, and was fast-tracked to Fifth Specialist. Melak moved up the ranks quickly, becoming a Specialist by 2375, which was not a common occurance.

During a Mission in 2377, Melak became infected by an Alliance bio-engineered weapon, and isn't expected to survive much longer unless he can get a transplant. Unfortunately, his sister isn't compatble, nor is his brother or mother, and his father is dead. So, unless Melak can come up with a donor soon, he has only 10 months to live.

Personality Profile:
Melak does whateve is necessary to get the job done. He expects the people under him to do their jobs and do them correctly the first time. He doesn't like mistakes, but does realize that they do happen from time to time. He also realizes that eliminating the cause of a mistake isn't always the answer.

Special Notes:
Father: Tom Shepherd, (Human) Trader, Terran Freighter Europe (Executed)
Mother: Aurelia Mureik, (Zeon) Senior Administrator: Zeon Security

Children (in order of birth):
     - Melak Mureik - Zeon Military Specialist - b. 2348
     - Sothus Mureik - Security Officer, Prefecture Security - b. 2354

     - Jess Mureik - First Specialist, Zeon Military - b. 2360