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Cadet 1 Jess Mureik Name: Jess Mureik The Alliance (Klingon/Cardassian/Bajoran)
Terran Age: 17
Date of Birth: August 7, 2360
Marital Status: Single
Height 5' 4" (1.85 m)
Weight: 105 lbs Terran Empire
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: brown
Species: Zeon
Current Rank: Cadet 1(Zeon Military)

Place of Birth: Daras City, Zeon, Zeon Prefecture
Languages: Zeon, Ekosian, Standard, Klingon, Bajoran, Cardassian
Interests: Military Strategies, Zeon History, cooking, reading, Martial Arts (Vulcan, Zeon), Alliance History, Imperial History

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2365-2376 Zeon Unified School System, School 482, Daras City, Zeon
2376-present Zeon Military Academy
     - Advanced Training in:
          - Infiltration
          - Intelligence/CounterIntelligence
          - Assassination
          - Special Weapons/Technology

Service Record:
2376-present Cadet 1, - Observational Learning


Jess was born in Daras City, on the world of Zeon, in the Zeon Prefecture, a small area of space that never allowed either the Empire or the Alliance much entance into their space. Zeon ships were strong enough to stop any Empire ships, and the Alliance left them alone, knowing what the Empire had gone up against historically.

Jess's father was Melak's step-father, who was a government special agent. He was jealous of Melak and Jess's relationship. He wanted Jess and Sothus to have that close of a bond, and instead, she chose to bond with her half-breed brother.

Jess didn't cry when her father died, and she was silently pleased to learn who it was who removed him.

She grew up in a stable house, but was saddened when her brother left for the Military. It was on that day that she decided to follow him into the military.

So far, Jess has been able to match her half-brother in his Academy endeavors. Her superiors are quite pleased with her, so much so that they have sent her to work under her brother, to learn from him, and to eventually replace him in his duties when he gets too old.

Jess was estatic to be able to work with Melak, and Melak was also happy.

During a Mission in 2377, Melak became infected by an Alliance bio-engineered weapon, and isn't expected to survive much longer unless he can get a transplant. Unfortunately, Jess isn't compatble, nor is her brother or their mother, and Melak's father is dead. So, unless Melak can come up with a donor soon, he has only 10 months to live. This worries Jess, who has been working ferousciously lately at researching certain types of technology, in the hopes that it may lead her to a cure for Melak.

Personality Profile:
Jess is so much a female version of Melak, basically, she is a carbon copy of his personality. Even if they do not look alike, tehy think alike, and its even been speculated that Melak and Jess may be linked telepathically. Jess does whatever is necessary to get the job done. She expects the people under her to do their jobs and do them correctly the first time. She doesn't like mistakes, but does realize that they do happen from time to time. She also realizes that eliminating the cause of a mistake isn't always the answer.

Special Notes:
Father: Enog Jungru, (Zeon) Zeon Immigration Special Agent (Deceased)
Mother: Aurelia Mureik, (Zeon) Senior Administrator: Zeon Security

Siblings (in order of birth):
     - Melak Mureik - Specialist, Zeon Military - b. 2348
     - Sothus Mureik - Security Officer, Prefecture Security - b. 2354

     - Jess Mureik - Cadet 1, Zeon Military - b. 2360