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Name: Thanos
Terran Age: 55
Date of Birth: 2322
Marital Status: Single
Height 6' 0" (1.82 m)
Weight: 200 lbs (90.72 kg) sfmc.jpg (7446 bytes)
Hair Color: bald
Eye Color: Ice Grey
Species: Deltan/Jem'hadar Hybrid
Current Rank: Commander

Place of Birth: Delta IV
Languages: Federation Standard, Deltan, Klingon, Romulan, Cardassian, Jem'Hadar, Vorta, Andorian, Vulcan, Gorn, Iconian (Read), Bajoran, Earth Latin
Interests: Martial arts(of all races), Klingon armed combat (particularly the Bat'leth, and Mek'leth), Marksmanship, Rock Climbing, Piloting and Alien cultures (especially Klingon, Iconian and the Gorn).

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2340-2342 Star Fleet Marine Corp. Training
     -Force Recon/Counter Intelligence
2346-2348 Star Fleet Marine Corp. Command Academy
     -Covert Operations
2368 Klingon Exchange Program Training
2376 Starfleet Ranger Training
2376 Cardassian Exchange Program Training

- Klingons Culture
- Dominion Technology

Other Training Received:
- Assassination - Sniper/Scout - Airborne Combat Training
- Infiltration & Extraction - Air Assault Training - Demolitions
- Demolition Disposal - Counter Terrorism - Hostage Rescuing
- Tactical Engineering    

Service Record:
2342-2344 Corporal, A Squadron, Special Forces Operational Detachment - USS Excaliber
2344-2346 Staff Sergeant, A Squadron, Marine Force Recon - USS Lakota
2348-2350 2nd Lieutenant, C Squadron, Covert Operations Operational Detachment - USS Argos
2350-2352 1st Lieutenant, C Squadron, Covert Operations Operational Detachment - USS Argos
2352-2360 1st Lieutenant, C Squadron, Force Recon Sniper - USS Rutledge
2360-2365 Lieutenant, j.g., Marine Liaison Officer/Asst. Chief of Security - USS Agamemnon
2365-2368 Lieutenant, Marine Liaison Officer/Asst. Chief of Security - USS Agamemnon
2369-2370 Lieutenant, Security Officer - IKS Fek'lhar
2370-2371 Lieutenant, Weapons Officer - IKS vIDtaj
2371-2372 Lieutenant, Marine Liaison Officer/Strategic Specialist - USS Victory
2372-2373 Lieutenant, Tactical Chief/Strategic and Intelligence Officer - USS Phoenix
2374 (Jan.) Lt. Commander, Second Officer/Tactical Chief/Intelligence Chief - USS Apocalypse
2374 (Jan.) Lt. Commander, Executive Officer/Tactical Chief - USS Apocalypse
2374 (Mar.) Lt. Commander, Commanding Officer - USS Apocalypse
2374 (May) Lt. Commander, Commanding Officer - USS Lafayette
2374 (June) Commander, Commanding Officer - USS Apocalypse
2374 (Oct.) Lt. Colonel, Executive Officer/Marine Detachment Commander - USS Proteus
2374 (Nov.) Lt. Colonel, Alien Cultures/Linguistics Officer - CGI
2375 Commander, Commanding Officer/Project Chief - Star Base Atlantis
2375 (June) Admiral, Commading Officer/Project Chief - Star Base Atlantis
2375 (July) Captain, Commading Officer/Project Chief - Star Base Atlantis
2375 (July) Captain, Commanding Officer - USS Icarus
2375 (Sept.) Captain, Commanding Officer - USS Gangis Khan
2376 (Feb.) Lt. Commander, Chief Operations Officer - USS Venture
2376 (Aug.) Lt. Colonel, Marine Detachment Commander - USS Venture
2376 (Sept.) Lt. Colonel, Chief Engineer - USS Tomar
2376 (Dec.) Lt. Colonel, Senior Security Specialist - Special Security Detail
2377 (Mar.) Retired from Starfleet Marine Corp.
2377 (Apr.) Reinstated to Starfleet with rank of Lt. Commander
2377 Lt. Commander, Executive Officer - CUS Cardassian
2377 (June) Lt. Commander, Executive Officer/Security Chief - Starbase 616
2377 (July) Commander, Security & Tactical Chief/Marine Liason Officer - USS Miranda
2377 (Oct.) Commander, Tactical/Security Chief - USS Tomar

Star Fleet Decorations:

The Michael West Memorial' Ship's Most Improved Simmer of the Month
mostimproved.gif (1411 bytes)

April 2001

  • Star Fleet Medal's of Honor (2x)
  • Christopher Pike Medal of Valor
  • As well as many Major and Lesser Decorations


Star Fleet Marine Decorations:
  • Knights Cross w/ Breast Plate and Gauntlet
  • Silver Star
  • As well as many Major and Lesser Decorations


Klingon Awards/Decorations:
  • Order of the Bat'leth
  • House Pin; The House of Martok (adopted into Family)
  • As well as many Major and Lesser Decorations

Thanos started his highly decorated and legendary career as Enlisted Infantry: Force Recon and Counter Intelligence. He showed aptitude for weapons so the Marine Corps sent him to tactical engineering school. In 2346 he went to Covert operations training specializing in four areas for he showed the superior aptitude to do so. They were: Assassination, Counter Assassination, Infiltration and Extraction. During his 32 years in the Corps he has received additional training at various schools: Sniper/Scout, Airborne and Air Assault, Demolitions, Demolitions Disposal, Counter Terrorism and Hostage Rescue.

Through the years of his service to the Federatrion, Thanos has become a spcialist in Klingon Culture and also in Dominion Technology. He is noted for his Tactical skills both on-board ship and ground-based as well as his strategic capabilities.

As a line officer, Thanos has the highest kill ratio and mission success rate and is considered by most to be the perfect killing machine needing to be kept in line, Starfleet was a force of reason and diplomacy not death and destruction. It killed when needed, but always debated and talked things out if possible. Thanos was seen as a brilliant tactician and warrior but a lone wolf and loose cannon.

In the Gamma Quadrant the station he commanded and its associated starships and fighers were the most decorated, battle hardened and accomplished warriors of the Dominion War, having the greatest kill ratio in excess of the top 5 battle groups, Federation or ALlied Forces combined. Most consider his tactics and actions not becoming of an officer and a gentleman and it it because of his heroic efforts and saving thousands of Starfleet personnel and the lives of other races that Thanos was reduced in rank instead of being Court Marshalled. After all, war brings to pass many unfortunate things.

It is his ability as a soldier and his success rate that has brought Thanos back into the good graces with the Federation and Starfleet many times. With the catastrophic losses Starfleet had suffered in the Dominion War and the many border raids during and post-war, Starfleet could not afford to lose an experienced officer.

With the destruction of the Gangis Khan and losses of nearly 63% of the total starship capability of Starfleet, there were no command slots open. As such Thanos was assigned as Chief Operations Officer on board the USS Venture. With the rising tensions on the Gorn/Federation Border, it was decided to make Thanos the USS Venture's Marine Detachment commander. After all who better to lead the troops, than a living legend.

On the Venture, Thanos was the Project Chief and the original designer of the Pyros Project: A new Marine Dropship, the NX Pyros. He worked with Olympia Fleet Yards via secure subspace links to complete the project. The Pyros was constructed and undergoing testing while Thanos was aboard the Venture as Marine Detachment Commander, and it was in service when he was on the Tomar. Receiving information that the USS Tomar would join the 15th Fleet. He was pleased with the turn of events since he was one of the team that had developed most of the tactical concepts for the Tomar, based on it being fitted with some of the USS Apocalypse's systems after she was towed to Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards. Working once again by secure subspace relay with the UPFY tactical engineering teams to ensure that all things went perfectly with the Tomar's upgrades. Thanos is listed on the Tomar's dedication plaque.

With no Chief Engineer for the Tomar available, Vice-Admiral McCarthy and Commodore Thelv decided that Thanos should fit that role. Even though Thanos had no direct Engineering Experience, they decided that he could learn the intricacies of engineering on the job, time was precious and there was no time to send Thanos to Engineering school for retraining.

En route to the Tomar, Thanos was reassigned to a Special Diplomatic Security Detail by Field Marshall Hannibal. Instead of reporting for duty, Thanos went AWOL and stole experimental runabout USS Pyros from Star Base 138. Lt. Col. Thanos was later taken into custody upon his return to the Federation, and an investigation was conducted. Before the case could be brought to trial, Thanos resigned his commission from Starfleet Marine Corp, to protect the Corp from a messy public trial.

During his AWOL time, Thanos was able to rescue Federation hostages being held at a Gorn/Son'a summit, "single-handedly."

After the hearing, he was recalled to service by Hannibal claiming a clear and present need for his skills and years of knowledge and was sent to Ranger school for Starfleet Elite Special Forces personnel.

Because of his experience with the Cardassians, Thanos was selected to be apart of the first group of exchange officers between the Cardassian Union and Starfleet. After training, he was sent to serve on a Cardassian ship while things cooled down Federation-side from his Gorn exploits. After six-months he was assaigned to Starbase 616 as Executive Officer and Chief of Security. One month later, he was reassigned to the USS Miranda as Marine Liason/Chief of Security and Tactical after the destruction of Starbase 616.

After 5 months on the Miranda, Thanos has been reassigned again, this time back to the Tomar, as the Chief of Security/Tactical department, with the rank of Commander. It appears taht fate is determined to make sure that Thaos serves on this ship.

Personality Profile:
Thanos is the first Marine ever to Captain a Star Fleet Star ship and served with distinction in this role. He has achieved the highest possible commendations/awards in both Starfleet and the Marine Corps, as well as being highly decorated in the Klingon Defense Force. Thanos is the only non-Klingon officer to be awarded the Order of the Bat'leth. He is fearless and not afraid to take the battle to the enemy's doorstep and will do anything to get the job done. He is eager to draw on his years of service to better the Marine Corps and the Federation in general, but he will do what is necessary in his mind to satisfy honor. The Pyros/Gorn incident is part of this sense of honor and he has no remorse or regret for it.

It was during a classified period of time prior to the end of the Dominion War that he was captured by Dominion forces, and genetically altered with the DNA of one of their best Jem'Hadar warriors, making him 1/2 Deltan and 1/2 Jem'Hadar. He was also made a Super Soldier at this time using Dominion and stolen Angosian techniques. The Founders thought that this would change him and make him serve them, giving the Dominion all he knew and using his skills and knowledge for their benefit. They were wrong, and he hopes to one day get the Jem'Hadar genetic material removed from himself.

He is sexually advanced like all of his species, but with his life in the Marines he is a warrior, not a lover. So love has escaped his grasp for many years. He can't help but wonder if love is worth all that he has been through in the name of it, only time will tell. He is an old soldier and a lifer, not to mention a Marine. It is this mentality that allows him to continue to serve the Federation, even though he feels completely betrayed by the Brass as a whole.

Thanos was sent to Cardassia as one of the first Exchange Officers and served well. This was partly to get him away from the Federation and partly because he was the best man for the job, he feels. It is a known fact that Thanos hates Cardassians, perhaps this is the true reason he was given the assignment.

Special Notes:
His natural Deltan empathy has been greatly enhanced through occurrences on away missions, these situations have granted him in addition to this telepathy a limited telekinesis (can touch a button, pull a lever).

Of special interest is that Thanos has been adopted into the House of Martok, in the Klingon Empire, and this leads some to wonder where his loyalties are, though no evidence exists that proves otherwise.