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Harry Stoner, M.D. Name: Harry Stoner, M.D.
Terran Age: 42
Date of Birth: 2334
Marital Status: Single
Height 5'10" (1.80 m)
Weight: 154.3 lbs (70 kg) sfmed_sm.jpg (7954 bytes)
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Species: Human
Current Rank: Commander

Place of Birth: Georgia, United States of America, Earth
Languages: Federation Standard, Spanish, Vulcan
Interests: Primary Research interest is intergration of replicator/transport technology with medical treatments. Hobbies include cooking, Solar Sailing, 20th Century history, Hologaming.

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Ph.D. Cybernetic Engineering
Ph.D. Exobioloby
2368-2372 Star Fleet Academy
     -Majored in Medical Science
     -Minor in Command

Service Record:
2372-2373 Lt. j.g., Medical Officer - USS Wainwright, Galaxy-class starship
2373-2374 Lieutenant, Medical Officer/Researcher - Star Base 1, Earth
2374-2376 Lt. Commander, Medical Officer/Researcher - Star Base 1, Earth
2376-present Commander, Chief Medical Officer - USS Tomar, NCC-2814-C, Saber-class starship


Original Thinking
OriginalThinking.gif (1326 bytes)

June 2001 - Original Thinking during Mission 3: Lost Past, Lost Future

2374 Doctor Leonard McCoy Medical Award for Excellance in Medicine

Dr. Stoner's father was founder and CEO of a Cybernetic corporation and held several basic patents in the field. His mother was a theoritical physicist, at the time considered one of the ten best in the field. As a young child Dr. Stoner showed an early talent for mathematics. Consequently most of his early education was pushed in this direction. By the time he was seventeen he had earned a doctorate in Cybernetic Engineering. However, his life underwent a drastic change shortly afterward.

It was while on a vacation in Central Africa, that his mother contacted Morgan's Syndrome. Despite available treatment, she died two months later. Dr. Stoner was constantly at her bedside during her illness. His mother's death served only to widened the gap between son and father (who had always been preoccupied with his own work and research). Dr. Stoner soon found a sympathetic ear and new mentor in the person of a local physician. Dr. Stoner decided to change his entire career plans and concentrate on the life sciences. Upon completion of his doctorates in Exobiology and Medicine, he returned to his home town to practice. But after a couple of years he got "stars in his eyes" and decided to join starfleet. It was while in Star Fleet Academy that his father died in an aviation accident. As sole heir of his parents, Dr. Stoner is semi-wealthy (he has had to deal the the talk of "What's the rich kid doing in Star Fleet?" Which he does by ignoring it and compentently performing his job).

Personality Profile:
With much of Dr. Stoner past taken up with education and his drive to succeed after his mother's death, there was little room in his life for other personal relationships. (Think of him as a handsome, rich, warm nerd) He remains close with Dr. Campbell, his home town physician mentor. The only close personal, sexual relationship was with Carol Romer, a med school classmate. However, this ended (somewhat bitterly) when she decided to join the Federation Red Cross, rather that move back to Georgia. Since that time there has only been a couple of short, intense relationships.

Dr. Stoner is reserved in social gatherings. Reluctant to initiate contact for a fear of rejection or of looking foolish. He is aware of this shrtcoming, and works to overcome it. He gets along well with those in whose compentency he acknowledges, but does not suffer fools for long or quietly. His one unrestricted emotional outlet is Hologaming, in this situation he can always claim that his actions were not his but rather those of the character in the hologame.

Among friends and those whom he trusts, Dr. SToner is very open and caring. However, it sometimes take a painful peroid of time for him to feel that comfortable around anyone. He gives his trust and word sparingly, but once given Dr. Stoner is very loyal.

Dr. Stoner takes the death of any of his patient's as a personal failing. He attempts not only to treat the disease, but also the being/person. As someone one said, "Spock, we are all Human."

Special Notes:
Dr. Stoner carries with him to each posting a collection of 20th Century real-paper books and a collection of 20th Century personal weapons (computer locked/safed). He has a phobia of "bugs", as unlikely as that might seem in an Exobiologist.