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Name: Jim Gustavus
Terran Age: 26
Date of Birth: June 27, 2350
Marital Status: Married
Height 6' 0"
Weight: 80 kg
Hair Color: Brownish-Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Species: Human
Current Rank: Lt. Commander

Place of Birth: Montevideo, Earth, Federation Space
Languages: Federation Standard
Interests: Fencing, Military History, Skiing, Flying, Serving the Federation and Starfleet to the best of his abilities.

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2355 - 2362 Primary Schooling
2363 - 2366 High School
2367 - 2369 Star Fleet Academy
     -Majored in Strategic Operations
     -Minored in Starship Combat
2371 - 2372 Star Fleet Command School

Service Record:
2370 Cadet Cruise
2372.7 - 2373.1 Lieutenant, j.g., Strategic Operations Officer - USS Champagne
2373.1 - 2373.4 Lieutenant, Strategic Operations Officer - USS Champagne
2374.2 - 2374.5 Starfleet Penal Colony
2374.5 - 2375.4 Lieutenant, Strategic Operations Officer - USS Shogun
2375.4 - 2376.12 Lieutenant Commander, Strategic Operations Officer - USS Shogun
2376-present Lt. Commander, Strategic Operations Officer- USS Tomar, NCC-2814-C, Saber-class starship

Christopher Pike Medal of Valor
Dominion War Badge
Starfleet Crest x 2

With his special combat eyeglasses, and his pretty wife's miniature inside the cover of his watch, he certainly is not the classic image of the dashing Starfleet Officer. His family is what can only be called Starfleet military nobility. They have been involved in the creation of Starfleet, fought in every Federation War, from the Romulan-Terran War, Klingon boarder skimishes, Talarian Boarder Conflicts, right up to the Dominion War. The family house on Earth is full of pride, traditions, and old swords on the wall, that even date back to World War Three. Jim was born in the family house on Montevideo, Earth.

When he was eight, his father a Starfleet Captain was mortally wounded in a boarder skirmish with the Cardassian's. His mother and maternal grandmother saw to his education; the Gustavus library was the beginning of his love of study. In 2367 Jim was admitted to Starfleet Academy, his sponsor was his uncle who aswell was a Starfleet Captain until his ship was lost a year later during a "misunderstanding" with two Romulan Warbirds. In 2371 he qualified for two years advanced command instruction at Starfleet Academy. When he finally began his Starfleet career he began as a Junior Lieutenant due to his advanced command training.

After six years at the Academy his passed onto the USS Champagne, like Starfleet in general, the USS Champagne was beginning to ferment, as its officers divided into groups "anti-Maquis" and "pro-Maquis". Jim stood with the latter and was expelled from Starfleet after being caught supplying weapons to the Maquis, but soon reappeared commanding a Maquis Vessel and served with increasing effectiveness through the first fumbled battles against the Cardassian's.

When the Dominion annihilated the Maquis, Jim managed to escape only to enter right into the hands of Federation authorities. But as the Dominion War began, Starfleet was in need of experienced officers, Jim Gustavus was re-enrolled into Starfleet with his previous rank of Lieutenant.

His services aboard the USS Shogun brought him promise of promotion to Lieutenant Commander in 2375, but political extremists back at Federation and Starfleet HQ's were demanding the dismissal of all ex-Maquis officers. He accordingly offered his resignation, but his Captain stepped in and saved his career. He continued to serve aboard the USS Shogun where he especially distinguished himself in some ranger-type operations in Dominion controlled Space. Admiral Ross thought him a promising officer and persuaded him to join a expedition to re-take Betazed. Soon the Dominion War ended and he married Rebecca Sosabowski , who he had met aboard the USS Champagne three years earlier.

They spent five months together, until she transferred to Starbase 138, to stay near her and continue serving aboard a Starfleet vessel he transferred to the USS Tomar as Strategic Operations Officer.

Personality Profile:
He can be quite characteristic at times, brave when needed to be, With most of the Maquis gone Jim gives all his loyalty to Starfleet but also unabashed advice, as when he declared all Cardassia not worth one Federation Citizen. He has developed very high level of self discipline, in one example was when he was on an away mission and one of the Ensigns almost shot him, he was able to look at the quivering Ensign who had narrowly missed him with an accidental shot and remarked that he was certain the man was sorry and then turned and continued on with the away mission.

Special Notes:
Jim Gustavus is a well known Starfleet Officer, he has appeared in over sixteen issues of "Starfleet News", and the "Federation Times". Not because of number of his success, but because of his special kind of charisma , a characteristic he only shows when needed. He is far more competent in space faring combat, strategy and tactics than many of the experts nearly twice his age. He is credited two minor Starfleet victories over the Dominion. He also made a lot of unnoticed modifications to Starfleet Battle Tactics.