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Name: Taktu Fa'alamanu
Terran Age: 34
Date of Birth:  
Marital Status: Single
Height 6' 10" ( m)
Weight: 345 lbs ( kg) sfintelt.jpg (6978 bytes)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Species: Human
Current Rank: Commander

Place of Birth: Pago Pago, Samoa, Earth
Languages: Federation Standard, various Polynesian (Earth) languages, Romulan, Cardassian
Interests: Contact sports, Polynesian music, Policy debate, Teaching

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2359 University of the South Pacific, Fiji, Earth
     -Began major in Intergalactic Political Studies
2360-2363 Star Fleet Academy
     -Majored in Intergalactic Politics and Information Analysis
2363-2365 Star Fleet Intelligence Academy

Service Record:
2365-2367 Ensign, Intelligence Officer (Political Analysis) - USS Cairo
2367-2369 Lieutenant, j.g., Intelligence Officer (Science Analyst- Xenology) - USS San Sebastian
2369-2372 Lieutenant, Intelligence Officer (Intelligence/Counterintelligence) - Starfleet Headquarters, Earth
2372-2376 Lt. Commander, Intelligence Officer (Science Analyst - Xenology) - Starbase Deep Space 9
2376-present Commander, Senior Intelligence Officer - USS Tomar, NCC-2814-C, Saber-class starship


Original Thinking
OriginalThinking.gif (1326 bytes)
June 2001 - Original Thinking during Mission 3: Lost Past, Lost Future

2368 Silver Palm w/ Cluster
     -Conspicuous service during Klingon civil war
2372 Christopher Pike Medal of Valor
     -Risked his life to extract a Starship Captain from a POW camp on Cardassia
2374 Commendation of Excellence
     -Obtained invaluable tactical information from Dominion ships during that war
2376 Distinguished Service Crescent
     -Ongoing excellence in intelligence, resulting in Star Fleet advancement during 4 combat situations
various lesser decorations

Taktu grew up on the Polynesian islands of Earth, and had a happy childhood with a very, very large family. His father is King of Samoa, a mainly ceremonial position that is taken seriously by his ritualistic people, and reigns peacefully... always choosing diplomacy over aggression. Taktu's father taught him from early childhood that the way to prevent conflict is to know everything there is to know about the enemy, especially weaknesses. Taktu's ancestors were Samoan royalty who successfully defended the land against invasion, and moved Samoa into protection under powerful allies. His interest in history was peaked through the songs of Samoa which tell of glorious victories of his people, and his belief that strong bonds between family and friends was solidified through that history.

Personality Profile:
Taktu is from Samoa, a small island group in the Pacific Ocean of Earth. He has been described as a true gentle giant. His build is intimidating even to the most hardened battle veteran, but Taktu rarely fights. Truth is, he just isn't challenged very often. He is into Rugby (a Samoan favorite), and the music of Polynesia... in fact, he can often be found in the holodeck in his famous Lu'au program. He loves to teach new crew members about the ship and the job. He has phenomenal patience, and very rarely shows stress. He is generally not fond of Klingons, as he says the enjoy aggression before attempts at diplomacy. But don't let his manner fool you... he can be a vicious fighter when it is called for, and there are few better in intelligence.

Taktu is an extremely outgoing person. He speaks in a very loud voice, and is almost always very happy, and friendly. A good descriptor is "boisterous, yet controlled". Sometimes, people who are more introverted and quiet tend to avoid Taktu claiming his forwardness can be tiring.

Special Notes:
In the academy Taktu made friends with nearly all of his classmates. The only note of trouble came from two Klingons who taunted him to fight, and challenging his courage when he refused. It is felt they wanted to fight someone of his size to "prove their mettle". The Klingons were removed from the academy, and Taktu commended for his handling of the situation.