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Name: Malachi Emmett
Terran Age: 30
Date of Birth: 3-29-2347
Marital Status: Single
Height 5' 11"
Weight: 180 lbs 
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Species: Human
Current Rank:

Place of Birth: Luna, Tycho City
Languages: Federation Standard, Vulcan, Cardassian;
Interests: Opera, Kal-toa, Nature Study, Racket Ball

send Email to: Cmdr. Malachi Emmett

2365-2369:  4 Years Starfleet Academy

Service Record:
2365-2369:  4 Years Starfleet Academy
2369-2371: USS Cochrane, Science Officer
2371-2373:   USS Biko, Assistance Chief Science Officer
2373-2375:             Starbase 119, Chief Science Officer
2375-2377:   USS Hermes, Chief Science Officer/Second Officer
Present:          USS Tomar, Executive Officer

Combat Merit
Exploration Merit


Born in the year 2347 in Tycho City on Earth’s moon (Luna), Malachi childhood was one filled with excitement and discovery. Both his Father and Mother were scientist, who studied the effects of long term terraforming on planets. Luna offered a perfect opportunity for them to be close to family and yet still continue they’re work. It also offered a very stable home life for Malachi and his sisters. As such, Malachi lived in the same house for much of his life. This stability didn’t hamper Malachi much, because on top of his parents being devoted scientist,  they were also avid outdoors people. Because of his, Malachi’s childhood memories are filled with the many campout he when on with is family, all over Luna. It was in these formative years that Malachi’s interest in Nature study blossomed. 

            Being such an avid outdoors person and the fact that his parents were such devoted scientist, it was only a matter of time before Malachi turned towards science. No one would have guessed though Malachi’s natural knack for science, especially in the fields of biology.  In school Malachi would be seen buried in a book, or out in the grassy areas of his school explaining why something worked to any poor passer by. Although Malachi wouldn’t seem to have been a very popular person in school, he actually was, mainly do to the fact of his skill at Racket Ball which he help lead his school to several championships. 

            As school’s end approached, Malachi began to look into the future. He had hoped to join his parents in their work, but funding was short so Malachi was unable to join up. As Malachi searched for an answer to his future, Starfleet presented itself to him and after several months of mulling over his options, Malachi decided to join Starfleet. 

            In the spring of 2365 Malachi stepped into Starfleet Acadamy as a Science major. Malachi’s natural talent in the sciences quickly came into play and Malachi was easily able to go through his Science classes, his minor on the other hand proved to be more difficult. Malachi’s experiences in Racket Ball as the team captain had prompted him to take command courses as his minor. Malachi quickly found that there was a great difference between leading a team on the court, and leading men and women. Malachi struggled through his classes with the help of his instructors and passed with an expectable grades. But even in the end Malachi still had problems with ordering men and women into a situation that would lead to their deaths, but luckily Malachi would not have to deal with that situation for many years down the road. 

            In 2369, Malachi was assigned as a science officer aboard the Oberth Class USS Cochrane. Malachi’s stay aboard her was everything he had expected; exploring, studying, discovery, every reason he had become a scientist. When he received his transfer orders in 2371, Malachi was sad to leave the friends and work he would leave behind.  

            Malachi’s transfer to the Olympic Class USS Biko was softened by his new job as the Assistant Chief Science officer. The Biko was a huge difference from the Cochrane, were the Cochrane as a science vessel, the Biko was a medical ship, that did very little exploring and scientific research. Malachi’s time there was also difficult because of all the pain, suffering, and death he saw on the many rescue operations that the Biko was sent on. On the plus side, Malachi did learn much about the medical sciences during his time aboard her, but unfortunately he learned them because he had to. 

            In 2373 Malachi was again transferred this time to Starbase 119 as their Chief Science officer. Malachi was sad once again to leave the friends he had made aboard the Biko, but was happy to leave behind the missions that the Biko were involved with. Starbase 119 brought Malachi back to the reason that he was a scientist. While he severed aboard SB 119, he was able to set up many long term projects, and truly study them. Malachi’s command training came into handy as he ran the Science department, and in 2375 the base Commander recommended Malachi for transfer to the USS Hermes as their Chief Science officer, but more importantly has their Second Officer. 

            At the recommendation of SB119 Commanding officer, Malachi transferred to the Antares Class USS Hermes, as their Second Officer. It was here that Malachi would face his greatest fears of command, and prevail against them. It was aboard the Hermes that Malachi finally realized that Science was his passion, but Command was his calling. After a turbulent two years, Malachi was once again reassigned, this time to the USS Steven Hawkins as their new Executive Officer.

Personality Profile:
Malachi is a kind, thoughtful, and deeply caring person. Maybe a little bit to caring. He’s not afraid to let you know what he feels, but he’s also very not to hurt anyone's feelings if at all possible.

Special Notes:
Malachi loves his tea and can become very grumpy if he doesn’t get his morning cup.

                        Father:                Tyler Emmett
                        Mother:               Jessica Emmett
                        Sisters:              Grace Emmett-Cooper
                                                   Mary  Emmett