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Lieutenant, j.g. Radek Da'cha Name: Radek Da'cha
Terran Age: 26
Date of Birth: 2351
Marital Status: Single
Height 5' 11" (1.80 m)
Weight: 150 lbs (68 kg)
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: brown
Species: Cardassian
Current Rank: Lieutenant, j.g.

Place of Birth: Cardassia Prime
Languages: Cardassian, Federation Standard, Dutch
Interests: Playing holo-games, Collecting Weapons (motto: the bigger, the better)

send Email to: Lieutenant, j.g. Da'cha

2357-2368 Cardassian Union State Education
2368-2370 Cardassian Military Academy
     - Security Training
2370-2374 Starfleet Academy
     - Majored in Security & Tactical

Service Record:
2374-2377 Ensign, Security - USS Athena
2377-present Lieutenant, j.g., Assistant Security/Tactical Chief - USS Tomar, NCC-2814-C, Saber-class starship


Radek grew up on Cardassia Prime. His father is a 59 year old Gul, and his mother is a nurse at a local hospital. In his youth, he was very interested in guns. He was trained in accuracy by his father, beginning at age 6. Radek also likes to collect guns, and now has over 14.

When Radek was 12, he began studies at Cardassian University. He studied Cardassian history, cardassian weapons, and other species weapons.

After university, he joined the Cardassian Military, but was icked out during his 3rd year. He applied to and was accepted into Starfleet Academy.

After 4 years at the Academy, he spent 3 years on the USS Athens as a security/tactical officer.

In 2377, Radek was promoted to Lieutenant, j.g. and transfered to the USS Tomar as her new Assistant Chief Sec/Tac Officer.

Personality Profile:
Radek is very direct, but not as direct as a Vulcan. He is a freak of guns and always carries one.

He is very shy around beautiful women, of any species.

Radek also has a paranoia streak in him.

Special Notes: