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Nietzchean Alliance Lieutenant Saladin Bolivar Name: Saladin Bolivar out of Fountainhead by Bedford Forest, of Pride Jaguar
Terran Age: 27
Date of Birth: 2350
Marital Status: Single
Height 5' 11"
Weight: 215 lbs
Hair Color: short black
Eye Color: green
Species: Nietzchean
Current Rank: N.A.L.C. Brevet Major

Place of Birth: Fountainhead, Nietzchean Alliance
Languages: Nietzchean, Federation Standard
Interests: Martial arts, at age 18 he recieved the rank of Kenesai.  He also has 2 blackbelts and practices at least 3 hours a day.   He also does weight training as part of his martial arts regimine. Also a military historian, are all Nietzcheans, believing that in order to prevent a repeat of past failures one must study the past.

send Email to: N.A. Brevet Major Bolivar

2353-2363 Nietzchean Primary/Secondary Schooling
2363-2368 Nietzchean Military Academy
     -Majored in Security
2376 Nietzchean/Federation Exchange Program

Service Record:
2368-2369 Second Signifier, Firecontrol Officer - NDV Bellau Woods
2369-2371 Second Signifier, Internal Security - NDV El Alamin
2371-2375 First Signifier,  Tactical Officer - NDV Stirling Bridge
2376-2377 Brevet Major, Asst. Security Chief - USS Charity
2377-present Brevet Major, Chief Security/Tactical Officer - USS Tomar

Order of merit for valor under fire
Starfleet Star for courage under fire in rescuing a fellow officer

The son of a son of a soldier, his father and father before him had served the Jaguar pride as a warrior.  So his son had the history passed down to him, at a young age, when he could walk and hold a blade his training began, in the arts of swordcraft and fighting.

However being that the sharpest blade required the sharpest mind to wield it, his father also sent him to academy to learn how to be a leader. First he was a firecontrolman on the NDV Bellau Woods, where he learned what it was like to be a low ranking soldier.  Then he showed a flair for security work, and with the formal alliance with the Federation, he was asked to participate in an officer exchange program with Starfleet.

After a stormy career at best somehow he got sent on the medical ship rotation.  Where he often found himself in hot water for his opinions. However his work was enough to get him promoted especially when noting that a changeling officer, wouldn't sweat.

Personality Profile:
What you see is what you get, if yuo ask him a question be prepared for an answer you may not like.  In otherwords he will tell you the truth irregardless if you want to hear it.

Also like most Nietzcheans he is concerned with the survival of the ship and the crew so he may propose more radical solutions then Starfleet would ever allow.

Special Notes: