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Name: Bra'Dok
Terran Age: 23
Date of Birth: 2353
Marital Status: Single
Height 6' 4" ( m)
Weight: 202 lbs ( kg)
Hair Color: No hair
Eye Color: Black
Species: Klingon
Current Rank: Klingon Defense Force Lieutenantr

Place of Birth: Klingon Empire
Languages: Klingon, Federation Standard
Interests: bat'leth and mek'leth fighting, Earth chess.

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2369-2373 Klingon Military Academy

Service Record:
2373-2376 Klingon Defense Force
2376-present KDF Lt., Tactical/Security Chief - USS Tomar, NCC-2814-C, Saber-class starship

Graduated with Honors from the Klingon Military Academy

Father and mother killed in Dominion war.

Personality Profile:
Needs anger manegment classes, holds honor above all.

Special Notes:
No left eye, scanner eyepatch in place.