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Name: Midaklin
Terran Age: 26
Date of Birth: February 23rd,2350
Marital Status: Single
Height 6' 5" ( m)
Weight: 140 lbs ( kg)
Hair Color: Golden ( all over body)
Eye Color: Glazed Yellow-Gold
Species: Caitian
Current Rank: Lieutenant

Place of Birth: Cait
Languages: Caitian, Cardassian, Romulan, Klingon, Federation Standard
Interests: Languages, Martial Arts, Philosophy

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2361-2368 Dr. Quealitn's University of Science and Medicine
2368-2372 Star Fleet Academy
     -Majored in Science
     -Minored in Command

Service Record:
2372-2374 Ensign, Science Officer - Barkari Station (Sephlon 5 orbit - Klingon Border))
2374-2376 Lt. j.g., Asst. Chief Science Officer - USS Sanguis
2376-present Lieutenant, Chief Science Officer - USS Tomar, NCC-2814-C, Saber-class starship

2368 Graduated 5th best ever, from Dr. Quealitn's University
2374 Starfleet Medal of Honour - Conduct Becoming an Officer, Barkari Station Incident

Ever since he was a boy he's had a love for the sciences, by the age of 9 he knew the periodic table of elements by heart and by 13 he had started on advanced physics, chemistry, biology and had also started astrometrics. He was urged by his planet to join Starfleet as this would strengthen their alliance in the Federation.

He went to Starfleet Academy and mastered in science, he also took minimal command school training.

After four years at the Academy, he was ready for a bit of real adventure, he chose to work aboard the Barkari station as it orbited a planet of which new life had been discovered, who only lived for one day, starting a new life at sunrise they would deform back into an egg when the sun went down. It was while they were very close to the answer that war broke out with the Klingons, when a Founder impersonated Chancellor Gawron. Starfleet decided it was too risky keeping the project going so close to the border and also decided that this science outpost would be upgraded into a starbase and that sentries would be placed along the border to warn them of any attack. It was on the day that two sovereign class starships full to the brim with engineers and their equipment arrived that a small but fully capable Klingon Invasion fleet also arrived. An evacuation attempt was made by one of the ships while the other held the enemy fleet off.

It was Midaklin who realised that the habitat ring around the station was made from extra strong titanium and would be too think to beam through, he headed there with a few others instead of to the transporter pad or shuttlebays when the Claxton rang. They found about fifty people and headed to the shuttlebays, just in time to see the first sovereign d estroyed and the second leaving. They boarded runabouts while Klingon shock troops beamed aboard to mop up anybody left. They narrowly escaped as a few of the security and tactical troops stayed valiantly behind to cover their escape. As soon as they were out of range of the station they went to maximum speed deeper into federation space. Nobody pursued them. The klingons were probably too busy celebrating their victory to be monitoring scanners. Midaklin got a medal of honour for doing this and was re-assigned assistant chief science officer aboard the Sanguis at his new rank of Lt. j.g.

After some time aboard the Sanguis, which was a very old ship, it was decommissioned and he was offered the job of head of science aboard the Tomar as Lt. he accepted.

Personality Profile:
He used to be very withdrawn and only cared about his work, but while the Klingons attacked he found a courage inside of him that nobody would have expected, he became more bold and outgoing, he went straight instead of circling, the Caitian coolness that he never had was awakened.

Special Notes:
His hairs at the back of his neck will prick up at the sense of danger, or when he is nervous or agitated.