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unava.jpg (15222 bytes) Name: Ronarvartja Clotrevor
Terran Age:  
Date of Birth:  
Marital Status:  
Hair Color:  
Eye Color:  
Species: Cardassian
Current Rank: D'ja

Place of Birth: Cardassia Prime
Languages: Cardassian, Federation Standard

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Cardassian Military Academy
     -Majored in Engineering
Federation/Cardassian Exchange Program Training

Service Record:
2377-present D'ja, Engineering Officer - USS Tomar, NCC-2814-C, Saber-class starship


Ronarvartja Clotrevor's family was banished from Cardassia because they started a fight with
Gul Dukat. Theywent to Earth and built a home

Ronarvartja Clotrevor entered into the Cardassian Military Academy at age 18.

Personality Profile:

Special Notes:
Father was a doctor in Kinatic research he is 43 years old.

Mother was a nurse in the cardassian hospital.