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Name: Josh Stalker
Terran Age: 26
Date of Birth: December 13, 2350
Marital Status: Single
Height 5' 10"
Weight: 172 lbs.
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: purple
Species: Xenexian
Current Rank: Lieutenant

Place of Birth: City of Calhoun, Xenex
Languages: Federation Standard, Xenexian, Danterian, Thallonion
Interests: Soccer, Archery, Stratagy games, chess (2D & 3D),  Terran Culture, the Klingon Honor System, Klingon History and culture, quarterstaffs

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2357-2361 Calhoun City School
2363-2365 Calhoun City School
2366-2370 Star Fleet Academy
     -Majored in Flight Operations

Service Record:
2370-2372 Ensign, Chief Shuttle/Run-about Pilot - USS Princeton
2372-2373 Lieutenant, j.g., Asst. Chief Conn Officer - USS Challenger
2373-2377 Lieutenant, j.g., Asst. Chief Conn Officer - USS Ari-B
2377-present Lieutenant, Asst. Chief Conn Officer - USS Tomar

2375 Purple Heart for saving a fellow crewmember from a lava flow.

Josh was born into the war between the Xenexians and the Danteri for freedom, and joined it after his parents were murdered while on a civilian transport between cities. Easily mastered the disrupter and quarter staff, Josh rose the ranks to become a skilled fighter pilot in the Xenexian offensive.

After winning the war, Josh stayed on his home planet and finished the last two years of his schooling. For a while after that he helped his cousins tend their crops and recover from the war.

After Xenex officially joining the UFP,  Josh joined the ranks of the many cadets in Starfleet Academy, piloting major, security minor. Josh found piloting shuttles easy and self-defense even easier. After several simulations at Starfleet Academy, Josh took an interest in the Klingons and their culture. He signed up for a joint mission between the Academy and the Klingons and took even further interest of them. Josh graduated top in his class for piloting and second self-defense.

Josh's first posting was on the USS Princeton, a galaxy class ship. He got along pretty well there, his best friend from the Academy was also on the ship. After helping the ship out of a small scratch when the chief conn officer was injured, Josh was promoted to Lieutenant J.G. and was switched to conn officer aboard the USS Challenger.

On a science mission on planet Ardies, Josh saved a fellow crew member from a lava flow and was awarded a purple heart for bravery. He served aboard the ship for three more months and then was moved to USS Ari-B.

Josh very much enjoyed his assignment on the Ari. He greatly expanded his knowlage on science, and explored many different nebulas, and even found a new one and named it the "Stalker" nebula.

When Josh noticed that the Asst. Chief Conn position was open on the USS Tomar, he jumped at the chance.

Personality Profile:
Josh is sarcastic and wity and has a tendency to swear. A medium sense of humor, but doesn't crack jokes very otfen. He is hard to befriend but when you do, he will defend you to his last breath. Prefers to work alone, and vioces his opinion when he feels like it. Does the things that are nessecary first, and personal things later.

Special Notes:
Josh only has four fingers on his left hand, the missing one being shot off in the war. He also has many scars along his legs and back. Has a major dislike for politicians, but diplomats are okay.