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NAME MlíTorca 
RACE Raydeen 
AGE (Terran years) 30 
PLACE OF BIRTH LethíMek Province, Altor II 
DATE OF BIRTH 7-13-2347 
Raydeen, Federation Standard, Wahi 
Alien Cultures, Medical, and Poetry 


2365-2367 LethíMek Province Medical School 
2367-2371 Raydeen Military Academy at BelíMek Province 

2371-2372: RMS Metleíte, Raydeen Hospital ship - Low Lt., Medical Officer 
2372-2374: RMS Metleíte Raydeen Hospital ship - High Lt., Medical Officer 
2374-2376: RMS Haeníte Raydeen Patrol ship - Captain, Medical Officer/Second Officer 
2376-2377: RMS Geeítaa Raydeen Patrol ship - Major, First Officer 
2377-Present: USS Tomar, Federation/Raydeen Officer Exchange Program, Low Colonel, and First Officer 


E-mail Low Col. Ml'Torca 


Born in the LethíMek Province of the Raydeen homeworld of Altor II into the House of Torca, MlíTorca was the fourth child of five of BalíTorca and ReeíTorca. MlíTorca grew up in the tradition Raydeen people ways. The House of Torca is one of the younger houses of Altor II, being only five generations old, but one of the more influence ones. Rich in wealth, honor and influence, the House of Torca is a well-respected House, although several of the old Houses still consider them as Ďnewí. Itís in this atmosphere that MlíTorca grew up. MlíTorcaís parents followed the traditional Raydeenís guide to raising children, which determines what a child will become by the order of their birth. Traditional, in a Raydeen family, the first-born will follow the true way and become a traditional healer, to gain and bring honor to the house by giving aid to those in need. The second born follows the path to the Raydeen Military, in hopes that they may be assigned to a ship or post that will be sent into situations that they can render assistance to those in need. The third born generally is sent into government work. Itís the third bornís duty to gather information that may aid the first and second born siblings to fulfill their duties better. The fourth born and on are generally left to their own devices, to fill a niche that suits their talents best, although the medical and scholarly fields are suggested by tradition. As the forth born, MlíTorca was left to choice his own way of life, or so he thought. From the first day, he had looked up to his oldest brother, GlíTorca with both adoration and desire. The medical craft came easily to GlíTorca and since he was first born, he was lavished the attention and hopes for increasing the Houseís honor. Although, MlíTorca looked up to GlíTorca, it was generally from afar, but this was not the case with is second oldest brother, HtíTorca. MlíTorca and HtíTorca were not only brothers but also best of friends. They spent many hours together playing and studying together, HtíTorca for the Military Academy and MlíTorca for the Medical school. One of the hardest things for MlíTorca would have to deal with was the day the HtíTorca left for the Military Academy. MlíTorca was happy with is life and the path that he followed, but fate would quickly turn the tides on him. When he was in his second year at the Medical School, the House of Torca was rocked with a lost of one of itís own. HtíTorca after only a year in service for the Raydeen Military was killed. The reports returned the HtíTorca was on a patrol ship doing a normal sweep of the Mutara Sector when they came across a raiders secret base. Needless to say when five of the raiders came after the patrol ship, they didnít last very long. The lost of HtíTorca rocked the entire House, but even more so MlíTorca. The grief stricken MlíTorca mourned for many weeks, letting his studies at the Medical School slip away in the mist of his grief. After awhile his family intervened to get MlíTorca back into normal society and eventual they did, but only after he had made the decision. He would abandon his path to become a healer and take up the path of his departed brother and join the Raydeen Military. His family, of course tried to dissuade him from the change, but never the less he made the cross over anyways, and after a time his family came to except the change. 

MlíTorcaís time at the Military Academy was vastly different than the Medical School had been. But in the may hours that he had studied with HtíTorca had he picked up a few things that made his time there more pleasurable and he found that the more rigged life style of the Military actually fit him better. He continued on it his training to become a Medical Officer, and due to his entrance test, he was cross-trained in command has well. His time at the Academy was anything spectacular, he neither struggled nor excelled in any of his subjects and academically he graduated in the middle of his class. 

MlíTorcaís first assignment was on board the RMS Metleíte, a Raydeen Hospital ship. This was a surprise, an assignment to a Hospital ship is what every cadet dreams of getting when they graduated, and with MlíTorca graduating in the middle of his class this was an even bigger shock. He did suspect that his father may have had something to do with it, but MlíTorca didnít care. His time on board the Metleíte was an exciting one as the ship played a part as a relief ship in both the Algeran War and the Husaga War. His performance was good enough to gain the attention of Command and when the RMS Haeníte needed a new Second Officer and Chief Medical Officer they whisked him away. 

MlíTorcaís time aboard the Haeníte was less than exciding, being a patrol ship; he patrolled more than heíd like to admit. The Haeníte did see some action, mostly small ship to ship, but it punctuated his time there. He must have performed when enough as he was given a transfer to the RMS Geeítaa, were he has served as First Officer for the past year. When MlíTorca heard about the officer exchange program between the Raydeen Military and the Federation he jumped at the chance to get to know their new protectors and applied to the program.



MlíTorca is a generally curious type person, who desires to find out everything he can about others. He is still a very traditional Raydeen that places life above all else, and is strongly rooted in Raydeen tradition. Heís generally a fun guy to be around and his one that is always willing to help, if asked. His training and experiences as both a Medical Officer and Command Officer has taught him to be detached from certain situations, and at times people think of him as cold and unfeeling, but thatís just the opposite, he feels just as deep has they do, but he realized long ago, that in life and death decisions, his mind shouldnít be clouded. 


Height 7í 2" 
Weight: 280 lbs. 
Hair Color: Red 
Eye Color: Deep Blue 



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