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Name: Dionysis Lamont
Terran Age: 28
Date of Birth:  
Marital Status: Single
Height 6' 4"
Hair Color: light brown
Eye Color: hazel
Species: Trill (Joined)
Current Rank: Lieutenant

Place of Birth: Trill Homeworld
Languages: Federation Standard, Romulan
Interests: 3D chess, Terran History, Tennis

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2364-2367 Trill Symbiosis Commission Tested & Trained
2367-2371 Star Fleet Academy
     -Majored in Astrometics
     -Majored in Flight Operations
     -Accepted to Rogue Squadron in 2370
2372 Joined with Lamont Symbiont

Service Record:
2371-2372 Lt. j.g., Operations Officer - Starbase One, Earth
2372 Leave of Absence
2373-2376 Lieutenant, Operations Officer - Deep Space 12
2376-2377 Lieutenant, Counselor (Acting) - Deep Space 12
2377 Lieutenant, Stellar Cartography - USS Dependent
2377-present Lieutenant, Chief Science Officer - USS Tomar

2371 Top 10 of Graduating Class, promotion to Lieutenant, junior grade, fast-tracked.

Born on the trill homeworld Dionysis was trained in the arts of the Trill and at the tender age of 16 completed and passed the Trill Host test and was declared fit to be a Symbiont host. As no symbionts were available to be joined. He left the homeworld on the USS Enterprise while it was on a
mission and taken to San Fransico where he joined the Academy.

During his second year at the Academy he was deemed top of his Class in Flight and Stella Cartography and second in Operations. In 2370 he was placed in the Academys Rogue Squadron due to his excellence in Flight. During this time he assumed the role of Chief Conn.  In 2371 he graduated the Academy at the top of the class and with excellence.

In 2372 he was offered the Lamont Symbiont. Accepted and joined. He was then posted to Deep Space 12 as the operations officer, which he remained as for 3 years until he was replaced. At that point he took the roll of Councellor after the stations councellor was killed in a shuttle craft accident. Due to the symbionts past he was able to assume this role under commission from Starfleet. He served on the station until 2376 where he took a LOA to do a soul quest.

In 2377 he returned to be posted to the USS Dependant. This ship was destroyed by a RA battle ship. Half the crew was lost.

When the Tomar returned to the Federation after being missing for over a month, Lamont was assigned as the Tomar's new Chief Science Officer.

Personality Profile:
A passive person by nature, he hates unnessesary conflict. Kind in nature he loves to socialise with all species and types of people. He is a very modest person who shows little of what his character really is. A quiet social butterfly, a contradiction.

Likes to constantly analyse everyone except himself.

Special Notes: